Uncommon iPhone Case Review: Stand out in a crowd

If you find yourself looking for something different when shopping for an iPhone case, then you might have come across Uncommon iPhone cases. As the name suggests, these are cases that in many ways differ from the rest. They offer three different case products for the iPhone 4/4S, the Capsule, Deflector and Loop. The real differentiation comes with the design choices, with literally thousands of different artwork as well as the ability to customize a case with your own photo. Ultimately, this is a case with the intended purpose of protecting your iPhone, so how does it fare? Read on for our comprehensive Uncommon iPhone case review.

Regardless of which product you select, the Uncommon cases are constructed of a hard polycarbonate shell. The case itself is thin, but not what I would deem ultra-thin, despite it being billed as having an ‘ultra slim fit’. In return for the added thickness, you can expect an added layer of protection. On the inside back, there is a finish of some sort applied where the Apple logo would sit. My guess is that it’s intended to prevent any scratching of the Apple inscribed logo or text. If you run your finger over the surfaces, the centered “racing stripe” feels slightly less coarse.

Uncommon iPhone case

The Uncommon Deflector is a snap-on case and installation was a breeze. Despite having a SGP Steinheil protector on the back and SGP Spigen Glas.t screen protector on the front of my iPhone, the Uncommon Deflector case fit perfectly. It wasn’t overly tight, making removal of the case easy enough.

Custom iPhone cases

All ports are accessible with the case on. Wide access ports on the top and bottom of the iPhone 4S allow for an even wider array of supported accessories. I tested mine with a JBL On Stage IIIP sound dock and it worked with an issue. By using an extra wide tapered cut-out coupled with a matte black ring, the case will not cause any unwanted glare on your photos. I took a few test shots with the case on and this worked as advertised.

Uncommon Deflector case

All of their cases have a shiny black meant to frame the screen. Without a screen protector, this will sit slightly above the display. I imagine this would look great on a black iPhone, but I was not thrilled with how it looked on a white iPhone. With the design I selected the black trim doesn’t work well and I would have preferred a more seamless look of edge to edge printing.

iPhone camera access

As a fan of Starbucks, I chose the ‘iBrew’ design, which mimics the popular cups at my local coffee shop. Uncommon uses what they call 3D TATT printing. Their exclusive print process embeds the image into the cases’s surface. The technique promises to offer safeguards against fading, chipping or peeling. The design was faithfully reproduced and the glossy finish added to what is a very attractive case design.

Where these products shine are in the available choices when it comes to customizing your iPhone case. Their website makes it easy to upload your own photo or design. In addition, you can shop a host of artist designs that will be a match for any style. The only drawback being the amount of time one could spend browsing all the various artists. The method in which they imprint the cases and the results make these cases ideal for creating a very personalized gift.

Uncommon iPhone Case Review: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous high quality designs available
  • Easy to customize
  • Good fit, solid protection
  • Interior casing designed to protect Apple logo
  • Prints are vivid and long-lasting


  • Black bezel doesn’t look great with all designs or white iPhone
  • Glossy surface shows fingerprints

If you are looking for an iPhone case that has a customized look or want to create your own, then you owe it to yourself to check out Uncommon’s Deflector, Capsule or Loop cases. With it’s high quality imprinting and vast level of personalization options, Uncommon finds themselves among the best options for customized iPhone cases.

Uncommon iPhone cases start at $19.99. The Uncommon Deflector case is priced at $39.99 and is available at www.getuncommon.com.

11 thoughts on “Uncommon iPhone Case Review: Stand out in a crowd”

  1. Excellent review Christopher, but more importantly… wow, you bought one of my designs to do the review!! As the "artist" I don’t get to find out who buys my designs, so it’s nice to see iBrew turning up here. Thanks 🙂

    If anyone’s interested, they can see my full portfolio of Uncommon iPhone Case designs here – http://mrmacmusic.wordpress.com/iphone-cases

  2. The Uncommon Deflector 2-part case is absolutely horrible, a piece of junk, and a colossal waste of $50. The two pieces don’t stay together and one or the other is constantly sliding off the phone. On numerous occasions while I was making a call the entire bottom part slid off and the entire phone slid out of the main top casing onto the floor. This is not protection for a delicate piece of technology. I’ve only had this thing for three months and after the first month it started doing this. Don’t get it. Don’t waste your money for a cool-looking case.

    • Shortly after this review and emailing Uncommon Deflector, they asked me to send photographs of my case and proceeded to send me two additional rubber sticky thingies to stick on top of the primary initial original rubber stickies that came wiith each part of the case.

      I still have this case. A David and Jen state, it does not offer any protection, it’s just pretty. I treat my iPhone as if it were a piece of lead crystal. It doesn’t have any scratches on it – probably because I keep it inside ANOTHER case, which is a padded case/bag.

      However, this are just the basic facts which David, Jen, and I discovered over a year ago. Thank you both for your input.

      For a few months now I’ve been having the same problem again as I described in my first post above, as did Jen. I have NEVER taken my case off at all since then. The two pieces are starting to separate again and constantly sliding off the phone, again causing the phone to fall out of one half or the other onto the floor. I guess the rubber stickies dry rot or something. Can’t make a call because the phone falls right out of the top part with the bottom, and the bottom part falls off just pulling the phone out of my backpack or even the case I’ve been so carefully keeping it it.

      I am not a heavy cell phone user. I have not abused this case in any way, quite the contrary. I’m afraid to even pull it out anymore as I now live with a porcelain tile floor and this thing is going to come crashing down.

      Can I please get another few layers of rubber sticky thingies to keep putting into the case? Or has Uncommon Deflector developed something better that they can replace my $50 case with?

  3. I thoroughly agree with Timmy Gato. I have the same two-piece Deflector model, which is indeed a “terrible” case- even with a wonderfully fun, higher quality graphic. The product is described by GetUnCommon as a “highest quality” case, and on that level it fails. (It is probably a stretch to even say this case offers any protection, at all.) I got less than two days’ use before reverting to my better case, which retailed at $15. Timmy and I are basically screwed, as the company does not stand behind the “highest quality” of its materials.

    Christopher, you close your review by suggesting potential buyers “check it out.” But, to check it out, one must first buy it, sight unseen (no refunds). That’s what Timmy and I tried, and I do not recommend that as a way to compare products.

  4. I bought the one piece deflector case. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with the fit and finish of this case. It appears that it is a returned item since there are scratches where the finish is coming off of the top edges of the case, despite the fact that I have only had it a few hours and I have not even set the case/ phone down on that side. Also, the accommodations for a headphone plug are pathetic. I tried every headphone and RCA interface plug I own and only the apple earbuds even remotely fit. Other plugs do no go all the way into the hole since the edge of the case blocks them. As a result, the iphone keeps pausing my music because the plug keeps popping out; this is with the phone stationary. I can only imagine the irritation I would experience if it were in my car or in my pocket. These are the most expensive cases on the internet of their type (plastic half covers) yet except for the “cool styling” they appear like cheap knock-offs. I waited for the mail every day for this case to come because I was super excited about it. I suppose that is why I am so upset now that I have actually tried, unsuccessfully, to use it.

    I highly recommend that they have these cases redesigned so that people can actually use them with their headphone centric phones. I don’t feel like I should have to modify a case I just spent about $50 on. I could have looked passed the finish wearing off had the overall design of the case been actually tested and functional on my phone.

    What a waste of money!

  5. The designs are beautiful however this case offers zero protection other than cosmetic and even that is limited. I’ve owned my case for 10 days and it’s already scuffed on the back from laying on tables. But all off that is minor compared to the fact that this case slides off the phone unless you hold it by the tiny 3/4 inch bottom section. If you hold the phone elsewhere the case slides open and the phone slides out! It gets looser every day. I’m returning this to the store ASAP. What a complete waste of 40.00!

  6. I just bought the one piece case, very loose and phone will fall out of it easily. Shame, it is good looking, but a waste for a phone cover.

  7. i just bought an ipod uncommon case and maybe i am missing something but whenever i try to adjust the volume on my ipod the case is very very very hard to get to the volume butttons. i can have to pres very vey very hard for it to actually SOMETIMES work. It is bothering me and im not sure what to do

  8. Thank you to all of you who posted your dissatisfaction with this product. We all seem to have similar issues.
    I’ve given up on mine after nearly two years of patience and frustration with it. It’s very pretty but after all this time it has definitely proven to be functionally useless. I just bought a cheapo rubber case that is very grippy in my hands (had some trouble holding on to my pretty and very slick Uncommon case) and was really fed up with the Uncommon case sliding apart. So there go $50 in the trash can. Please don’t be seduced by the very pretty cases.


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