Uncommon iPhone Case Review: Stand out in a crowd

If you find yourself looking for something different when shopping for an iPhone case, then you might have come across Uncommon iPhone cases. As the name suggests, these are cases that in many ways differ from the rest. They offer three different case products for the iPhone 4/4S, the Capsule, Deflector and Loop. The real differentiation comes with the design choices, with literally thousands of different artwork as well as the ability to customize a case with your own photo. Ultimately, this is a case with the intended purpose of protecting your iPhone, so how does it fare? Read on for our comprehensive Uncommon iPhone case review.

Regardless of which product you select, the Uncommon cases are constructed of a hard polycarbonate shell. The case itself is thin, but not what I would deem ultra-thin, despite it being billed as having an ‘ultra slim fit’. In return for the added thickness, you can expect an added layer of protection. On the inside back, there is a finish of some sort applied where the Apple logo would sit. My guess is that it’s intended to prevent any scratching of the Apple inscribed logo or text. If you run your finger over the surfaces, the centered “racing stripe” feels slightly less coarse.

Uncommon iPhone case

The Uncommon Deflector is a snap-on case and installation was a breeze. Despite having a SGP Steinheil protector on the back and SGP Spigen Glas.t screen protector on the front of my iPhone, the Uncommon Deflector case fit perfectly. It wasn’t overly tight, making removal of the case easy enough.

Custom iPhone cases

All ports are accessible with the case on. Wide access ports on the top and bottom of the iPhone 4S allow for an even wider array of supported accessories. I tested mine with a JBL On Stage IIIP sound dock and it worked with an issue. By using an extra wide tapered cut-out coupled with a matte black ring, the case will not cause any unwanted glare on your photos. I took a few test shots with the case on and this worked as advertised.

Uncommon Deflector case

All of their cases have a shiny black meant to frame the screen. Without a screen protector, this will sit slightly above the display. I imagine this would look great on a black iPhone, but I was not thrilled with how it looked on a white iPhone. With the design I selected the black trim doesn’t work well and I would have preferred a more seamless look of edge to edge printing.

iPhone camera access

As a fan of Starbucks, I chose the ‘iBrew’ design, which mimics the popular cups at my local coffee shop. Uncommon uses what they call 3D TATT printing. Their exclusive print process embeds the image into the cases’s surface. The technique promises to offer safeguards against fading, chipping or peeling. The design was faithfully reproduced and the glossy finish added to what is a very attractive case design.

Where these products shine are in the available choices when it comes to customizing your iPhone case. Their website makes it easy to upload your own photo or design. In addition, you can shop a host of artist designs that will be a match for any style. The only drawback being the amount of time one could spend browsing all the various artists. The method in which they imprint the cases and the results make these cases ideal for creating a very personalized gift.

Uncommon iPhone Case Review: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous high quality designs available
  • Easy to customize
  • Good fit, solid protection
  • Interior casing designed to protect Apple logo
  • Prints are vivid and long-lasting


  • Black bezel doesn’t look great with all designs or white iPhone
  • Glossy surface shows fingerprints

If you are looking for an iPhone case that has a customized look or want to create your own, then you owe it to yourself to check out Uncommon’s Deflector, Capsule or Loop cases. With it’s high quality imprinting and vast level of personalization options, Uncommon finds themselves among the best options for customized iPhone cases.

Uncommon iPhone cases start at $19.99. The Uncommon Deflector case is priced at $39.99 and is available at www.getuncommon.com.