Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 Review

The slider case is one of the more popular styles of iPhone case and it stands to reason. They are easy to install, offer a good amount of protection and don’t typically add much bulk to the iPhone. Splash offers their take on this popular style with their slim-fit case. Read on for our full Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 review to see if this case is worthy of protecting your iPhone 5.

Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider Case

Installation of this case is easy as you’d imagine. Make sure your iPhone 5 is free from any dust particles and do the same for the casing. Slide your iPhone 5 into the top part of the case and then the second half slides into the bottom creating one case. The 2-piece system relies on a snug fit between both pieces and that’s not the case here. I found it to be entirely too easy to separate the two. My fear is that if you were to drop your iPhone 5, the case might detach, rendering it less effective.

access to ports

The black case features a matte finish. Paired with a black/slate iPhone 5, it provides for a great stealth looking combination. It’s constructed out of polycarbonate plastic, which should be durable enough to protect it from dings and every day banging around. Again, I do have issues that a drop could result in the case literally coming apart at the seams leaving your iPhone to do battle with a hard surface. The finish was definitely susceptible to fingerprints. With a soft cloth or t-shirt, you can for the most part buff these out.

matte finish

The case has a lip that sits above the screen. This will allow you to lay it flat on an table without the screen being flush against a surface. There is an included screen protector as a bonus here.

Slider case

As for every day usage, the matte finish feels great and one could say it offers a slightly improved grip. This case is not very thin. It teeters on the line of being bulky, when compared to Incipio Feather case. You are essentially paying for the added protection by having a bit more case to manage. When removing the case, the difference with and without was readily apparent.

power button iPhone 5

The thickness of the case also has a negative effect on usability. Accessing the power button/sleep button is easily accomplished, but you do have to wedge your finger in the opening. It’s something you notice when using the case and that’s not a good thing. A good case should protect your iPhone and get out of the way.

Splash slim-fit

The Splash Cruiser Slim Fit Slider Case for iPhone 5 retails for $21.45 and is available from Amazon in an assortment of colors including black, red, purple, pink and green.


  • Matte finish looks, feels great
  • Should fit lightning adapter
  • Includes screen protector


  • Power button is difficult to reach
  • Attracts fingerprints
  • Two piece slider is not very secure

I’ve been using this case for a couple of months now. My initial reaction was very positive, but over time issues like easy access to the power button start to become increasingly annoying. There’s nothing particularly great about the Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit Slider case for iPhone 5. Overall, I would classify it as a good, albeit very average case. It’s relatively inexpensive price, especially when compared to some of the bigger brands might make it worthy of consideration. It’s low-cost, serviceable and for many, the issues I’ve outlined might not be deal breakers. If however you are in search of the perfect case, you’ll want to pass on this case.

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