Spigen Saturn Case Review: Toast to the champagne gold

The introduction and subsequent release of the iPhone 5s has seen a renewed interest in all things gold, including cases and accessories. If you managed to secure a gold iPhone 5s, the natural inclination is to find a case that looks good with it. Read on for our full Spigen Saturn case review to see if ┬áit’s a perfect companion?

For those with an iPhone 5 and suffering from a bit of gold envy, cases can be a great way to infuse a bit of life or color into an older phone. Looking to capitalize on the gold rush is Spigen/SGP, who have announced all new cases, many of which are available in a champagne gold. I took a look at the Spigen/SGP Saturn case for iPhone 5s to see how it paired with the gold iPhone 5s.

The Saturn case at its core is made of a polycarbonate plastic. It’s rigid and in many ways reminds me of the Spigen UltraThin Air design, only slightly thicker. Even slightly thicker, this is a very thin case that won’t add much in the way of bulk. By my definition, this is a minimal case. On the side is a very understated Spigen logo that has been machine cut into the plastic. At the top and bottom are generous cut-outs. These provide double-duty, allowing access to the sleep/wake, 3.5mm headphone jack and the lightning port. They also let the color of your iPhone shine through. The Spigen Saturn should work with most, if not all docks. The sides of the case curve and hug the four corners, which is important should your iPhone incur any impact. The edges are chamfered and mirror the design of the iPhone 5s/5. Along the sides, the case aligns perfectly with iPhone 5s, shielding the bezel from potential damage or scratches.

spigen saturn case review

The back of the case features an anodized aluminum plate with a metal coating, which mimics the design layout of the iPhone 5s/5. The aluminum is recessed in the plastic shell, likely a reason for why this is slightly thicker than the Air. The two-ton design of aluminum and polycarbonate materials make for a nice match.

The aluminum has a slight bezel on each of its sides, which Spigen calls ‘diamond cutting’. It’s a nice touch and a reminder this is not a case that is cheaply made. The product name ‘Saturn’ is etched in white at the bottom. The gold is not a direct match to the iPhone 5s, which I find to be understated and elegant. At times, given the correct lighting, I could see the gold iPhone 5s to be easily be mistaken for silver. The gold tone of the Saturn case brings more in the way of bling.

Spigen case bottom

There is a wide circular cut-out for the camera and it also accommodates the new dual-LED flash of iPhone 5s. It’s framed by a black polycarbonate. At first glance, I questioned the design decision. It seem out of place, with this case striving to become a compatible partner for the white and gold iPhone. I can only surmise that perhaps this has to do making sure the case does not interfere with the flash or reflect light on the lens. There’s nothing on Spigen’s site about this, making this nothing but a hunch. All things being equal, I would have preferred all white for a more unified look.

Champagne gold case

When inserted, the iPhone snaps into place, creating a tight fit. There was no shake and all of the edges of the case aligned nicely to the iPhone. I was able to easily remove the case as well and Spigen promises that your iPhone won’t get scratched when removing it.

Spigen side view of Saturn case

Spigen Saturn Case Review: Pros & Cons


  • Attractive design
  • Perfect fit
  • Nice use of polycarbonate and anodized aluminum


  • Champagne gold does not match iPhone 5s (note: Saturn comes in red, silver, blue)
  • Minimum protection
  • Sharp edge near bottom

This case feels good for the most part, adding very little in the way of bulk. The edge at the bottom of the case seems unnecessarily sharp. It’s surprising given the attention to detail throughout. On the sides where you grip the polycarbonate, it’s not in any way slippery. The aluminum back in some strange way made it feel expensive, when in reality it’s only a $30 case. If you are looking for the best possible protection, you should look elsewhere. If you are looking for a case that is distinct, well made and provides for a worthy companion to the precision crafted iPhone 5s/5, the Saturn case is worthy of your consideration.

iPhone gold case

The Spigen Saturn retails for $29.99. It’s available in assorted colors including Champagne Gold, Satin Silver, Metal Slate and Metal Red.

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