Spigen iPhone Case Review: Making the case for double protection

When you think of Spigen SGP, the products that usually come to mind are ultra thin cases or their excellent line of screen protectors led by the Glas.t premium protector. That’s why we were excited for Spigen iPhone case review. The trouble with those cases is that they cater to only a certain part of the market, those looking for a high quality minimalist case. With their new line of cases, the company is looking to branch out, offering a higher level protection. Will the Tough Armor give Otterbox, among others, a run for their money.

The Spigen SGP Tough Armor case comes in two parts. The silicone shell is semi-rigid. On the interior of the shell are a series of boxes in a spider web like design. At first glance, it has the appearance of being nothing more than a design decision. If you press down on a box, it has a spongy-like. Spigen SGP lauds this as their Air Cushion Technology. When it comes to designing cases for maximum protection, it’s how an iPhone will be protected should it get dropped. The cutouts that line the interior combined with the cushion, should certainly help.

spigen iphone case review

The silicone that lines the outer edges of your iPhone 5/5s is noticeably thicker, even more so at the corners. If you drop your iPhone, the corners of this case should help dull the impact. There is a significant lip that hugs the display throughout the entire bezel. Chances of the iPhone dislodging on impact does not seem likely, at all. The case has a good, solid fit.

Tough Armor bezel

The case in no way impedes the use of Touch ID or Control Center. The volume up/down and power button are covered by silicone. Both were very responsive and I didn’t feel as if I was struggling to turn on or make volume changes.

Dual layer spigen

The second piece of the case is a hard plastic shell that snaps into place, it covers most of the back. The design mirrors the two tone finishes of the iPhone 5s/5. Spigen SGP even offers colors that should work well with Space Gray, Slate and to a lesser extent Gold or Silver. The Tough Armor case only comes in black, but offers accents of gold, metal slate, satin silver, white and soul black. There are generous openings for the camera, including the dual-LED flash of the iPhone 5s, as well as the Lightning, mute switch and 3.5mm headset jack. The case also exposes the Apple logo, but offers no add on to protect it from dust and dirt.

Tough Armor SGP

When you combine the two, the hard back shell snaps into place and it gives the impression of being a case that has not been pieced together. The layering amps up the level of protection. The combination of the hard plastic and shock absorbing attributes of silicone should serve you well. The resulting case is also relatively thin. Part of this can be attributed to the lack of protection for the screen. While adding a screen protector will protect against scratches, it also comes at an added cost and I’m afraid that it won’t help as much as a case that offers full enclosure. Spigen conveniently offers the Glas.t at a discounted rate to those who want that added protection.

Spigen iPhone Case Review: Pros & Cons


  • Moderate to high level of protection using combination of hard plastic, silicone with air cushions
  • Does not feel overly bulky
  • Design compliments two-tone iPhone 5/5s
  • Responsive buttons


  • Needs a white silicone option
  • Screen protection requires additional protection
  • Having Apple logo exposed is an invitation for dirt, dust

The Tough Armor case lacks adequate screen protection and the circular cut-out could lead to scratches, or at a minimum dirt and dust. The case is priced right at under $30, but the added Glas.t (with discount) pushes the price to just under $50. The two tone design works well on iPhones with a black front-panel, but those of you with a gold or silver iPhone might want to wait for a new color option from Spigen. Dual layer composition and spider web air cushion are features of the Spigen SGP Tough Armor case help make this a nice option for those looking for a moderate to high protection, without having to carry an overly bulky case.

The Spigen SGP Tough Armor case retails for $29.99.

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