Apple iPhone 5s Case Review: A beautiful case that will improve with time

When Apple announced the iPhone 5s earlier this month, the consumer electronics giant also introduced a case made to complement its new flagship iOS device. Made from premium leather, Apple’s iPhone 5s Case is available in brown, beige, black, yellow, and red and retails for $39. What follows is our in-depth Apple iPhone 5s case … Read more

iPhone 5s Review: The year’s iPhone is super charged with awesome

cheapest iPhone 5s deals

Apple in September, 2013 returned to their yearly cycle, introducing the iPhone 5S. It’s joined by the low-cost iPhone 5c, that will now serve to attract buyers interested in an iPhone, but looking for a smartphone that is more affordable. Apple’s upgrade scheduling has shifted from summer being the months that we can expect to see new iPhones to the fall. It started with the iPhone 4s and has followed that schedule ever since. Since the inception of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has typically reserved major design changes for every other new iPhone release. The iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 5 offered vastly different hardware designs, going from plastic to glass to aluminum. People naturally have a higher excitement level during those years. Be it the new shape or materials used; out of the box, they have a vastly different look and feel. The years in between, we’ve seen Apple release ‘S’ models – focusing on improving the internal components. Despite what might be perceived as a higher interest level during model change years, sales of every new iPhone have always eclipsed the previous model. This year is on track for continuing that trend, with Apple announcing record sales of 9 million iPhones over the launch weekend. People are excited about the iPhone 5s, but should you be? Read on for our comprehensive iPhone 5s review, where I hope to answer that question and more about Apple’s latest smartphone.

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Luvvitt Cristal iPhone 5 Case Review: It’s clear you’ll love it

Luvvitt Crystal Case for iPhone 5

You love the look of your iPhone 5 and naturally, you want to show it off. While you spend a few minutes considering going without a case, you come to the realization that going naked could result in scratches, dings and other scary things happening to your iPhone. Read on for our comprehensive Luvvitt Cristal iPhone 5 case review to see if it’s for you. A crystal or clear case is an option for those who want to revel in the beauty of their iPhone, but not at the expense of exposing it to the elements. Is this crystal case the perfect solution? 

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