Tile Tracker Review: The best tracker for everyone

Tile app review

In our Tile Tracker review, we put this Bluetooth tracker to the test. If you are like me, you regularly manage to lose or misplace important items. Often when these things go missing, it’s when you need them most, sending me into a frenzy that includes ripping my house and car apart. There’s also the fear that my wallet was in the hands of someone who was only interested in running up the bill on my credit cards. If my forgetfulness wasn’t enough, finding things has become increasingly difficult thanks in part to my 3-year old daughter who collects things. It was difficult enough to remember where I left my keys and I’m pretty certain it wasn’t in a Sofia the First pocketbook. I reached my limit when it comes to losing things, so was intrigued and frankly, excited to try Tile, a product that could put an end to losing things.

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Belkin WeMo Light Switch Review: Make your existing lights smart

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Belkin continues to expand their line of home automation products with everything from a smart Crock Pot to smart LED lights that are virtually plug and play. Connected light bulbs, much like the Philips Hue kit, are an easy way to get started with home automation. If you are looking to connect your existing lighting, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch replaces your existing switch, offering you a number of ways to interact and control your lights. I’ve been these switches over 6 months as part of my Belkin WeMo Light Switch review and have found them to be a fantastic addition to my smart home.

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Zagg Invisible Shield Review: The single best investment in protection

Zagg Glass Review

Of greater concern is protecting your iPhone 6 against screen damage, should it incur any type of ground impact. I’ve found these can easily be offset by purchasing a bulky case like an Otterbox, but that’s not ideal for most folks who want to retain the slim form factor, instead opting for a minimal case like Apple’s Leather or silicone case. For those looking for a higher level of display protection, you might want to consider a tempered glass screen protector. I’ve been using the Zagg InvisibleShield Glass for the last few weeks and have been impressed. Read on for my complete Invisible Shield review.

Since the existence of smartphones, screen protectors have been a necessary evil to protect displays from unwanted scratches. Often made of plastic, these still remain highly effective for the intended task. Over the years, manufacturers have expanded their offerings with different styles. You can purchase versions that offer a matte finish and in some cases, there are different price points for higher quality options.

These are still available and prices have come down incredibly low, with a 3-pack often costing less than $10. In my experience, the Corning Gorilla Glass on the iPhone has seen vast improvements. Scratch protection is a smaller battle when looking to keep your iPhone in pristine condition.

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Apple Leather Case Review: A beautiful iPhone case that gets better with age

Apple iPhone 6 leather case review

With any new iPhone, especially one that introduces a new form factor, there is a race to deliver new cases. The iPhone is an absolutely stunning piece of aluminum and glass, but it’s not impervious to scratches. As the manufacturer, Apple of course has advanced access and can spend time perfecting accessories. When it comes to cases designed by Apple, there are two distinctly different options – leather or silicone. Both command a slightly higher premium compared to third-party accessory manufacturers.  Does it hold up to the demands of every day use? Is it the perfect accompaniment to the iPhone? Our Apple Leather case review aims to answer those questions and more!

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iPhone 6 Review: Radical changes usher in new era for the best smartphone

iPhone settings

The introduction of new iPhones always bring great expectations. None bigger than this year, when it was largely anticipated that Apple would drastically increase the size of the display, bringing them more in line with the offerings from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Nokia. Every year, like clockwork, Apple releases a new iPhone. … Read more