Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini Review: You’d be hard-pressed to find something better

I love the thinness of the iPad mini, so for my Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini review, I wanted to see if it retains much of what makes the iPad mini so great. The iPad mini with its curved edges and aluminum surface can at times make it slippery. It might just be too thin. The good news is that with the right case, you don’t have to give up thin to win.

When you’re choosing a case for your iPad mini, you have an abundance of choices from sleeves, all-in-one cases, heavy duty protection like Otterbox or a portfolio style option like the Slimline from Poetic. A style of case offers a few advantages. For one, it covers both the back and front of the iPad mini, providing full-body protection.

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini Review

The iPad mini sits in a hard shell casing that grips the four corners and does so nicely. When you place it into the case, there is an audible snap as a confirmation that your mini is secure. I was impressed with the fit. These types of cases can at times be too tight, making it impossible to remove a device.  This was definitely not an issue with the Poetic case, nor did I feel at all concerned that my iPad mini would become dislodged.

Snap case

On the interior is a soft microfiber lining to protect against any scratches to the back or the screen. Prior to installing, I’d highly recommend giving your iPad a quick cleaning with a soft cloth. The front of the portfolio case is attached to the back of the hard plastic. It’s recessed, so it sits flush, making it feel less like two parts which make up this case.

Poetic iPad mini stand

The front part of the case looks no different than Apple’s Smart Cover and brings with it the same utility. One aspect it doesn’t bring with it is the price tag. This case is $11, where Apple charges $49. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s case only protects the front of the iPad and not the rear. Apple no longer sells a rear shell casing.

Closing the cover will put the iPad mini to sleep and opening will wake it. The front cover folds into different configurations, making it useful for watching movies. With the case at the top of the iPad mini in a landscape position for typing, I didn’t get the same level of comfort in the stability of the stand. There was entirely too much ‘slip’ and would not hold position.

iPad mini case camera access

As for the outward appearance, the Slimline case from Poetic comes in an array of colors including black, white, green, purple, pink and white. The leatherette material makes for easy gripping and does not feel cheap. There are generous spaces that afford you access to Lightning connector, camera, sleep/wake and volume buttons. The case adds very little to the bulk of the iPad mini. It still feels incredibly thin when inside the case. The two-piece case also provides a fair amount of protection.

Side view of Poetic Slimline

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini Review: Pros & Cons


  • Moderate to high level of protection
  • Great fit
  • Inexpensive


  • Not stable when using in keyboard/typing
  • Garish branding

There is plenty to like about the Poetic Slimline case for iPad mini and that’s before seeing the price tag. For around $11 or so, I’d highly recommend picking up this case, provided you don’t have plans to use it as a keyboard stand. The quality of materials, overall fit and level of protection make this a very compelling case for the iPad mini.

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini from $10.95 at Amazon

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