Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPod Touch 5g Review: A great cheap case with one flaw

While the iPhone seems to garner the most interest among case manufacturers, we are starting to see more and more cases available for the current generation iPod touch 5g. That’s why we were excited to test and write our Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPod Touch 5g review. The latest from Poetic is an iPod touch version of their Atmosphere case, which we reviewed last year and found to be somewhat average. Is this current iteration more of the same? The iPod touch case from Poetic uses both polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. The backing is a durable hard material that is for the most part transparent. It does not have the flexibility of a silicone case and in general, the construction is very rigid. This shouldn’t be confused with some of those hard plastic crystal cases that have a cheap plastic feel to them.

poetic atmosphere case for ipod touch 5g review

There is a bezel around the entire display which is a familiar TPU silicone. When we reviewed the same model case for the iPhone 5, I noted how flimsy it was at the bottom of the case and this issue returns on their iPod touch 5g case. My thinking had been, why even bother to extend the bezel. However, while flimsy, it does provide for keeping the display from touching a surface if laid flat.

I cannot say that I’m not bothered by the wiggle, but it does also help when installing or removing the case. This is a simple snap on case and removing it is just as easy. Once installed, I could not be happier with the overall fit. The iPod touch 5g fits perfectly. Not a single gap around the bezel, zero movement in the body and the case is flush to the iPod touch throughout.


The Poetic Atmosphere case still has a slick feel to it, which is somewhat offset by the grippy TPU on the edges of the case. The buttons are covered by the silicone border. Button presses are just as clicky as without the case. I see no difference in the button controls with the case on.


The case is thin, but not what I’d would term ultra-thin. It’s going to offer a low to mid level of protection. The hard plastic will prevent scratches and should look good doing so. The corners have small silicone bumpers, offering some small level of comfort.


There is a generous cut-out at the bottom for the Lightning connector. I would have liked to have seen Poetic extend the hard plastic at the bottom. If you sit the iPod touch vertically, say in a cup holder, the bottom could come in contact with the surface. A minor detail, but worth pointing out. With the headphone jack at the bottom, I suppose it’s less of an issue.


The camera cutout is large enough that it won’t impede your picture taking. The added silicone rim also extends out from the case. The camera on the iPod touch 5g does not sit flush, so this bezel is certainly a welcome addition, adding much needed protection in that area.


The back of the case is not fully translucent. I’d say that it’s enough to please those looking to show off the back of their iPod touch. The Apple logo is clear enough, but this is not a completely translucent crystal case. The small Poetic logo adorns the bottom right corner of the case. Subtle and non-intrusive.

Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPod Touch 5g Review: Conclusion

The Atmosphere Poetic case for the iPod touch 5g fits great, doesn’t add much to the overall size and provides a decent level of protection. The flimsy portion of silicone at the bottom of the iPod touch is forgivable, since it does provide some function.

The gaps at the bottom ensure most accessories will work without having to remove the case, but it does leave the bottom exposed. This case gets plenty right and does so around $10 or less at Amazon. It’s not perfect, but I found it to be one of the better cases available for the 5th generation iPod touch.

Poetic Atmosphere case for iPod touch 5g from $5 at Amazon

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