BookBook iPhone Case Review: A unique case for the books

BookBook iPhone case review

One of the more unique iPhone cases is the BookBook for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It combines the functionality of a wallet and case in what ultimately looks like a miniaturized classic literary book that belongs on the shelves your local library. Is the Book Book right for you? Read our BookBook iPhone case review to see if it’s time to shelve your trusty wallet in favor of this all one design.

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Jawbone Up Review: It can improve your life

As the iPhone accessories market matures, we’re starting to see more that depart from the usual speakers, case and dock trifecta. The UP by Jawbone is both a departure for the company and a fairly new sort of iPhone accessory — one that promises not just more convenient tech, but a better life. Read on for our full Jawbone UP review.

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Draco IV iPhone Case Review: One fatal flaw

Draco IV iPhone Case Review

With so many people owning the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, there is a burgeoning market for cases that create a distinct look for your iPhone. One such case is the Draco IV from Draco Design. One of the more unique designs you’ll find, but does it deliver good protection and does the metal exterior present a problem for signal loss. Read on for our full Draco IV iPhone case review to see if this incredibly unique case is for you.

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C-Dock Review: A beautiful nightstand clock

C-Dock for iPhone Review

Upon wandering around the virtual shelves of the App Store, you’ll notice there are no shortage of clock apps. Sure the iPhone comes with a fairly decent clock app, there are an assortment of clocks that offer an expanded feature set, different clock faces and everything you’d want from a clock. To the thousands upon … Read more