Incipio Feather Shine Case for iPod touch 5G Review: A beautiful and blissfully light case

If you are looking for a slim case to show off the ridiculously thin iPod touch 5G, there are a good number options available to you. One is the Incipio Feather Shine Case, which is modest update to their popular Feather series. Does it add suitable protection while retaining the sleek look of the iPod touch 5G? Read on for our full review of the Incipio Feather Shine Case for iPod touch 5G.

Incipio’s Feather line of cases boast an ultra-thin profile in an attempt to offer you protection against scratches, without adversely affecting the bulk and overall feel of the device. They are manufactured using an high density, ultra-light hard plastic material called “plextonium“, a product used in a good number of their cases. The Feather Shine is an upgrade from the standard Feather cases, featuring a brushed aluminum finish. It changes the whole look and feel of the case, in a good way. The quality of materials feels very high end. The Incipio Feather Shine looks and feels at home on an iOS device. What’s more, the finish has no effect on the wireless capabilities of the iPod touch 5G. Some metals used in cases be problematic, but not that case at all here.

Incipio Feather Shine Case

Installation is a snap, literally. By fitting the left side of the iPod touch into the case and then a firm snap, the case is installed. This is not the thinnest case we’ve reviewed, but it’s still plenty thin and won’t add much to the profile of the iPod touch 5G. On the back, there are noticeable openings for the camera and lanyard (not included). Given the way Apple chose to bump out the camera, I actually appreciate the added bezel, so the camera won’t touch the surface if placed down. The design of the case at the top part of the back also slopes inward.

Editor’s note: Removing the case is not so easy. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult. Incipio does offer a warranty on the case should you break it. My concern however was less about the case and more about the pressure applied to the iPod in order to remove the case.

back of incipio feather shine case

The sides of the Incipio Feather Shine reveal a slight bezel, but not enough that I’d feel comfortable placing the display flat on a surface. In general, a case like this screams for some type of screen protector.

Incipio Feather Shine iPod touch

The top and bottom are very wide open, although the bottom reveals part of shell that protects the speaker, with small openings for the sound. I see their thinking here, but it might affect your ability to use this with 30-pin dock adapters. Making connections to the Lightning connector and headphone jack are easily accomplished. If you sit your iPod touch vertically, for example in a car drink holder, this case will not protect it from scratches.

top of case

The power button is also completely wide open, so use of that is completely unhindered. I wish I could say the same about the volume controls. The shell has cut-outs for the volume controls, but the case has a thin bezel that runs along the entire left side. If you hold your iPod touch with your right hand, you can easily change the volume using your index finger, with only a slight annoyance from the bezel. Holding it with your right hand and using your thumb is not as effective, with your thumb naturally wanting to sit on the bezel.

access to volume buttons

As of late, Incipio packages all of their cases with a cleaning cloth and a screen protector. These are nice value-adds and while the screen protector might work for you, our previous reviews have found them to be less than great. Still it’s hard to fault Incipio for adding value at no extra cost.

Incipio Feather Shine iPod touch review

Incipio Feather Shine Case for iPod touch 5G Review: Pros & Cons


  • Retains slim profile of iPod touch 5G
  • Gorgeous aluminum finish
  • Great fit


  • Access to volume buttons somewhat hindered by bezel
  • Thin, but not the thinnest
  • Case is susceptible to scratches
  • Difficult to remove the case.

If you are looking for a minimal case for the iPod touch 5G, the Incipio Feather Shine wraps a beautiful aluminum finish on a hard shell plextonium case that will retain, if not improve upon the look of your device. The case offers very-low to low protection and I’d recommend bundling it with an upgraded screen protector from the one which is included. If you are looking for a thin, attractive looking case that offers basic protection from scratches, the Incipio Feather Shine is worthy of your consideration.

The Incipio Feather Shine Case comes in Titanium Silver, Black or White. It retails for $24.99 and can be found at major online retailers including Amazon.

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  1. I have this case for my iphone 5. The paint peeled away in a couple of days. good thing i work at a phone store and didnt pay much for it.


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