Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone Review: A very attractive option

In the ever competitive iPhone cases market, Incipio strategy is to offer two-in-one. The Incipio DualPro case is part silicone case and part hard-shell, offering the promise of significantly more protection than their Ultra-Light Feather case. Will these two join forces to create an incredibly good iPhone 5 case?

Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case review

Design and Protection
There are plenty of two part case systems for the iPhone 5, but most are of the slider case variety. Incipio’s new DualPro line comes in two parts, but they each cover the entire iPhone. The first part is a silicone core that you can easily slide over the iPhone 5. The silicone was very flexible, has a distinct rubbery feel to it and was not meant to use alone. The volume and power button are covered, but the thin nature of the skin allows for control without an issue. The Incipio logo on the back jets out in a distinct box, as do the bottom and top parts of the case. This of course is to accommodate the second part of the case.

DualPro iPhone 5 case

The DualPro comes together when you snap on the hardshell exterior case. The outer shell is comprised of Rigid Plextonium. It’s extremely rigid, hard and should provide you with a modicum of comfort should your iPhone 5 hit the deck. The cutouts allow for access to all of your ports, minus the micro SIM card slot which is covered in its entirety. Although not tested, the gap at the bottom might cause issues for those wanting to use a 30-pin to Lightning adapter. I suppose a quick modification with a pair of scissors could do the trick in a worse case scenario, but that might compromise the case construction.


At the top, back you can feel the case(s) slope downward by the aluminum ends and the start of where you see the white/black portion of your iPhone 5. At first, I was unclear as to the design decision, but then it became readily apparent. By doing this, they can create a slightly sloped and coated camera ring. This prevents the case from getting in the way when taking photos.

DualPro camera

When you combine the two, this puts together two proven case types wrapped into one. The idea behind the silicone layer is that it’s meant to absorb impact on drops, which makes sense. The hard shell is quite the opposite. It will safely guard against scratches and offer a firm layer between the silicone, your iPhone 5 and the harsh, cold world.

DualPro iPhone 5 volume buttons

The idea sounds like a good one. Installation was easy, but it’s not terribly easy to pull the outer shell off once it’s installed. Most will put the DualPro on their iPhone 5 and forget about it.

Look and Feel
The DualPro scores big in my book for how it feels in your hand. I wasn’t sure how the two-part system would come together, but it feels solid, as if it were just one case. The hard shell exterior is soft to the touch.

What you gain in protection, you lose in size and you have to be prepared for slightly more bulk if you opt for this case. Adding these two case parts causes the iPhone 5 to feel more like an iPhone 4S.

DualPro Incipio top case

Incipio offers an array of colors. Outside of the black/obsidian black, they all come in a two-tone style. Parts of the iPhone get ‘highlighted’ by the silicone color. I don’t question the two-tone style, but do question the need to have the manufacturers logo so apparent. Incipio wants others to know what type of case you have on your iPhone, but this doesn’t provide any benefit to the user, who might be better served if the design choice were to have the back sans logo treatment. I think they could also benefit from some creativity when it comes to color choices.

As you’ll see in the images, the case is susceptible to discoloration and dirt, without an easy way to clean. I tried using a household cleaner, but it didn’t make a difference. Given the cost of the case, this is unacceptable. I should note that perhaps this is limited to the white/gray case, though I’m not so sure.

Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone Review: Pros & Cons


  • Two part case feels solid when constructed
  • Finish is soft to touch, feels great to hold
  • Moderate to high level of protection


  • Shows wear, gets dirty over time – difficult to clean
  • Adds bulk to iPhone

Incipio is on to something with their 2-piece DualPro case, offering an appealing package of protection to those who might not want Otterbox or Lifeproof type protection, but looking to go one step further than a bare bones skin or hard shell case. The materials were high quality and I left impressed with the resulting case when the two parts were installed. My concern with this case is that over time it simply shows entirely too much wear and tear to recommend it. This condition is certainly made worse by reviewing the DualPro in white, however the inability to clean this case with good results likely carries through to other colors. If you’re not so concerned about the case losing its luster, then by means give the Incipio Dual PRO for iPhone 5 a look.

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