C-Dock Review: A beautiful nightstand clock

Upon wandering around the virtual shelves of the App Store, you’ll notice there are no shortage of clock apps. Sure the iPhone comes with a fairly decent clock app, there are an assortment of clocks that offer an expanded feature set, different clock faces and everything you’d want from a clock. To the thousands upon thousands who are downloading these apps, they are likely using some sort of dock to recreate or should say replace the good old fashioned bedside clock. A good number of docks are multi-function, doubling as a mini stereo and then there are lower cost options like the Kensington Nightstand, which simply allows you to charge your iPhone in a landscape mode, a more familiar stance for a clock. A relatively new product, borne out of Kickstarter project, is the C-Dock.

The C-Dock is a product that transforms any pedestrian iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into beautifully crafted nightstand clock. Crafted out high quality walnut, the C-Dock is available with an assortment of faceplates and it is built in the good US of A. Customers can choose from walnut, hard black, aluminum or white resin, each providing a unique look that works with either the white or black iPhone. In fact, the black iPhone 4 works sublimely in the white C-Dock.

C-Dock Review

Packaged in a plain cardboard box, the use of high quality materials are immediately apparent, as is the high level of craftsmanship.

C-Dock packaging

The product is reminiscent of something you might find at a Restoration Hardware or some other high end home goods retail store, but that would require mass production. The product I received from C-Dock felt like it was built for me, built for the owners of this small company who love their product and wouldn’t ship out anything meeting a high level of quality.

C-Dock top

The white face is only mildly interrupted by the C-Dock logo and black lines, which help lend to the retro feel. This feel is completed by the walnut feet that support the dock. Behind the face is the 1.25” walnut housing, a cut-out that provides a suitable insert for the iPhone and thankfully not too tight fit. Hidden on the inner left is a standard 30-pin dock connector that is attached to a standard USB cable and charger. Sliding the iPhone 4 into the C-Dock was easy enough and something I’d feel comfortable doing on a nightly basis. After all, for this product to be useful, it should be easy to use. Removing the iPhone is just as easy, as you gently slide it back in the opposite direction. There is no lining on the interior, so this might be an area of concern, given the small chance of scratching the glass. The concern is not so much the wood casing, but dirt particles are on the back of your iPhone 4. The C-Dock’s spacing allows for screen protectors, which would mitigate any concern.

C-Dock back

When the iPhone is inserted into the C-Dock, it’s readily apparent that these two products were made for each other, creating a stunning retro alarm clock. Choose your favorite alarm clock and you have a highly customizable bedside or desk clock. In the photos contained in our review, we used the very excellent Alarm Clock Pro (App Store link) which retails for $0.99. While it’s created with intent of being a clock, this would certainly make for a handsome photo frame.

C-Dock Review: Likes & Dislikes


  • Beautifully designed and crafted
  • High quality materials
  • Functional and easy enough to dock that you would use it daily
  • Aesthetics that will work in any home


  • None

The C-dock is a beautifully designed dock that manages to effortless infuse retro vibes to the distinctly modern iPhone 4 and it all seems to work. There are less expensive dock alternatives, some that offer extras like speakers. The minimal design and simplicity in this exquisitely crafted iPhone 4 dock sets it apart from the rest, making it a perfect addition to any nightstand.


The C-Dock starts at $55.00, available in Black, White or Walnut.

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