Ballistic Every1 Case for iPhone Review: A strong case for protection

One definition of the term ballistic means ‘the flight characteristics of a projectile’. The Ballistic Every1 Case is made by the case company that designs cases that deliver a high level of projection in case that projectile happens to be your iPhone. In addition to their heavy duty line of Hard Core cases, the company has released a number of new lines that bridge the gap between fashion and serious protection. As the name implies, this case is meant for everyone, but is it right for you? Read on for our full Ballistic Every1 case review.

The Every1 case comes in two parts. The bottom half reveals some interesting manufacturing choices made by Ballistic. Along the side walls, there are silicone brackets they call Air Gap Suspension Springs, which hold the iPhone 5 in place.

The design allows for air pockets to be formed between the hard shell exterior casing and the iPhone. To me this makes plenty of sense. If you iPhone hits a hard surface, the force of the impact should be shouldered by the exterior casing and not the iPhone 5.

The backing on the interior is also silicone, with a raised and textured surface, again offering what I believe to be improved shock absorption. The bottom shell covers the back and sides of the iPhone 5. The entire back is thick, hard and completely inflexible. There is an integrated kickstand that folds out, which is ideal for movies and media viewing.

Ballistic Every1 Case

To install, you place the iPhone 5 into the bottom piece, place the front cover on and use latches attached to Ballistic’s signature bumper corners to lock it in place. Installation literally was a snap or four. Once constructed, I don’t see this coming apart as a result of a drop. As I mentioned, the iPhone 5 sits between the silicone and the shell, but there is no movement if you were to shake the case.

every1 iphone 5 case

The front of the case has a clear plastic cover. This is harder than your average screen protector, it is not as comfortable as typing or interacting directly with the glass display.  Taps register without a problem, but it just felt awkward. A step down going from glass to plastic in the pursuit of added protection from the elements. If you look at the sides of the display, you’ll notice there is a layer of hard plastic and silicone allowing you to place your iPhone on flat surfaces without worry. The depth of the protection did on occasion interfere with my typing, but only slightly.

Ballistic case sideview

Making your way around the Every1 case, you’ll note that all of the ports are covered with heavy duty silicone. Despite being recessed, I had no problems using the volume or power buttons. The ringer switch requires a bit of digging to access. The Lightning port works fine, but you will not be able to use the 30-pin adapter. Also, I ran into an issue that precluded me from using the 3.5mm jack in my car, but it does work with the Apple headphones that ship with the iPhone 5. All of the port coverings are meant to protect from dust and the elements. They are not water sealed, nor is this case.

every1 case

This case comes with a holster, certainly adding value to someone who uses their iPhone at work and needs to carry it on a belt or pocket. There is a small lip at the bottom of the holster and a clip at the top. It was easy to remove and holster the iPhone 5. It will also rotate allowing you to carry it in a horizontal position.

Ballistic hard case

Ballistic Every1 Case for iPhone Review: Pros & Cons


  • High level of protection
  • Smart design of case should increase shock absorption
  • Great fit
  • Fair trade-off of bulk for protection


  • Might not work with some 3.5mm headphone jacks
  • Plastic screen protector creates gap between screen and case

Ballistic case edge

Despite the product name, this case isn’t for everyone, but that’s not to say it’s not for you. There is a tradeoff in added bulk, but it’s one that most will feel comfortable with given the high level of protection you’ll get in return. The integrated kickstand for movie watching and tough protection should appeal to parents.

Ballistic iPhone 5 case

The Every1 offers innovative case design in the form of silicone brackets that create air pockets between the hard outer shell and your iPhone, which should offer improved shock absorption. Ballistic’s Every1 case delivers uncompromising protection, without looking or feeling like you’re on your way to a construction site.

The Ballistic Every1 retails for $49.99, but can be found on Amazon for around $25.

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