iPad Air 1st Generation Review: Apple’s New Tablet Is Better In Every Imaginable Way

iPad Air

Apple’s full-sized iPad is back in a big way, with a major reduction in size, and a new name. To help drive home the drop in weight, the 5th generation is being marketed as the iPad Air, all part of a reboot of their 9.7-inch tablet. When the third and fourth generation iPads were released in 2012, they were the only retina models available, providing them with a definitive advantage when compared to the iPad and later in the year, the iPad mini. Is it worth upgrading. Read our iPad Air 1st Generation review for that answer and more.

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Spigen iPhone Case Review: Making the case for double protection

Spigen SGP Tough Armor Case iPhone 5

When you think of Spigen SGP, the products that usually come to mind are ultra thin cases or their excellent line of screen protectors led by the Glas.t premium protector. That’s why we were excited for Spigen iPhone case review. The trouble with those cases is that they cater to only a certain part of the market, those looking for a high quality minimalist case. With their new line of cases, the company is looking to branch out, offering a higher level protection. Will the Tough Armor give Otterbox, among others, a run for their money.

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Spigen Saturn Case Review: Toast to the champagne gold

The introduction and subsequent release of the iPhone 5s has seen a renewed interest in all things gold, including cases and accessories. If you managed to secure a gold iPhone 5s, the natural inclination is to find a case that looks good with it. Read on for our full Spigen Saturn case review to see if  it’s a perfect companion?

For those with an iPhone 5 and suffering from a bit of gold envy, cases can be a great way to infuse a bit of life or color into an older phone. Looking to capitalize on the gold rush is Spigen/SGP, who have announced all new cases, many of which are available in a champagne gold. I took a look at the Spigen/SGP Saturn case for iPhone 5s to see how it paired with the gold iPhone 5s.

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iPhone 5c Review: What’s Old Is New And Colorful

iPhone 5c review

This year has seen Apple introduce two new iPhones, an update to their flagship premium model in the form of the iPhone 5s and a new lower-cost model, the iPhone 5c. After years of speculation of what some thought would be a cheap iPhone, the iPhone 5c is everything but cheap. Priced at $99 on … Read more

iPhone 5s Review: The year’s iPhone is super charged with awesome

cheapest iPhone 5s deals

Apple in September, 2013 returned to their yearly cycle, introducing the iPhone 5S. It’s joined by the low-cost iPhone 5c, that will now serve to attract buyers interested in an iPhone, but looking for a smartphone that is more affordable. Apple’s upgrade scheduling has shifted from summer being the months that we can expect to see new iPhones to the fall. It started with the iPhone 4s and has followed that schedule ever since. Since the inception of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has typically reserved major design changes for every other new iPhone release. The iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 5 offered vastly different hardware designs, going from plastic to glass to aluminum. People naturally have a higher excitement level during those years. Be it the new shape or materials used; out of the box, they have a vastly different look and feel. The years in between, we’ve seen Apple release ‘S’ models – focusing on improving the internal components. Despite what might be perceived as a higher interest level during model change years, sales of every new iPhone have always eclipsed the previous model. This year is on track for continuing that trend, with Apple announcing record sales of 9 million iPhones over the launch weekend. People are excited about the iPhone 5s, but should you be? Read on for our comprehensive iPhone 5s review, where I hope to answer that question and more about Apple’s latest smartphone.

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