We are looking for experienced writers who are passionate, knowledgeable, and have an insatiable desire to be the very best. There are both paid and volunteer positions available. If you are looking to get your start in technology blogging, volunteering for an established Apple blog such as everythingiCafe can provide you with extensive experience. While we still expect you to produce high quality content, requirements are not as stringent. Candidates who start as volunteers can transition to paid positions.

Available Positions

News Desk
There are multiple positions open for freelance writers looking to cover the news desk. Writers will work in a team whose focus is to deliver the news as-it-happens. You must show the ability to deliver timely, well written articles and where possible, provide our readers with valuable insight. While it is important to be fast, writers must be thorough and show a clear understanding of high priority topics. We regularly utilize Techmeme as a source for breaking news. If you are interested in this position, the absolute best way to showcase your writing skills would be to submit an article based on a current news topic found at Techmeme. The articles should be in-depth, looking beyond the original reporting for relevant details. Short rewrites that do not add value to our readers is not going to cut it..

App Reviews Editor
You will be responsible for a bi-weekly articles that focus on a specific app category, selecting the best app or apps for that group. You will be expected to curate app selections and then provide expert insight based on your experience. It is critical that you provide our readers with the absolute best advice when making your selections, therefore it is important that each application go through an extensive testing period. This position will also be asked to write occasional reviews on what we determine to be high profile application releases.

How-To Guide Writers
You will be required to have a thorough understanding of iOS, iPhone and iPad. Our guides cover beginner, intermediate and advanced topics. You must be able to write in a manner that allows readers to completely understand and follow your tutorials. Our readers have high expectations when they view one of our guides and writers should exhibit a desire to cover every aspect of a topic.

iPhoneography Editor
You will be required to have a thorough understanding of photography, both traditional and iPhone. In this position, you will showcase your work and provide easy instructions on how users can improve upon their skills. Articles will focus on photography techniques and apps. Above all, you must love photography and have that come through in your writing and images.


Reviews and guides are paid on a sliding scale, based upon word count, social interaction and traffic generation. News is paid on a per article basis.

Our site is growing and we need to staff these positions quickly. If you are interested, please take your time when completing the application process. We’re looking for people who stand out, who don’t know anything but giving their best. If that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Important: You will be required to submit a sample of your writing at the end if this application.

If you should have a question regarding these positions, please feel free to email us at jobs AT

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