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Everything iCafe is the first dedicated community site for coverage of the Apple iPhone. Founded in May of 2006, we are committed to providing you with the absolute best coverage of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and iPod touch. In 2015, we’ve expanded that coverage to include the Apple Watch. Our mission is to provide readers with a robust resource that features easy-to-follow guides and allow users to ask questions and receive free, expert advice. With thousands of iOS enthusiasts in our forums, everythingiCafe is one of the largest communities. What helps to set us apart is our knowledgable and friendly staff, that boasts nine years of iOS expertise. They have helped to create an environment that welcomes both new and experienced users. It provides for a unique mix of users that helps drive discussions, deliver quick answers to iPhone questions and more.

Readers of our site will also find an extensive library of how-to guides that are continuously updated, providing you with the most up-to-date information on how to get things done on your iOS device. Our guides use easy-to-follow instructions, written by individuals who have a keen understanding of Apple’s software and hardware. Our articles are written with the reader in mind, with the single goal of helping them accomplish their task. Our guides are categorized by the specific app, version of iOS or service – making it easy to find a world of content specific to your interests. If all else fails, you can use our internal Google search feature that will show you results from our site and forums.

In addition to forums and guides, our site provides up to date and breaking news as it relates specifically to iOS devices. Rather than deliver every, single story, we try to highlight what we feel are the most important stories to our readers. Where possible, our staff provides analysis and editorial opinions. We are regularly cited by Techmeme, among other popular tech blogs.


Everything iCafe is owned and operated by Smart Phone Resource, Inc.

Our site has received several awards including:

  • Top 10 Popular iPhone Blogs
  • Top 50 Consumer Electronics Blogs by Cision
  • iPhone Life Named Us Among The Best iPhone and iPad Sites


Senior Editor and Founder: Christopher Meinck

Christopher has been an Apple enthusiast since the mid-80’s. His first Mac was a PowerMac 6100, which he used to create his first website titled ‘Cult of Personality’. He graduated with an MBA in Marketing from St.John’s University and has worked as a Marketing Manager for Canon, Inc. and Olympus. In 2002, he founded Smartphone Resource Inc. and created everythingtreo, the #1 community for Palm Treo smartphone fans. As President of the company, he led the expansion of their smartphone community footprint with sites for the Moto Q, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone.

Christopher Meinck

Meinck has a passion for technology, smartphones and helping people. He has written thousands of articles and reviews about the smartphone industry since 2002 and works as a consultant in New York. Christopher can also be heard on the everythingiCafe podcast.

Contact: chris@everythingicafe.com
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Marianne Schultz, Contributing Author

Marianne has been a fan of Apple products for longer than she’d like to admit and has owned every iPhone (an almost every iPad) model so far starting from the day they were each released. Her iPhone is never far from her hands no matter where she is and she is always excited to try out new apps capable of making her (or AppShopper’s astute readers) more productive or entertained. Marianne was first introduced to the world of apps for mobile devices long ago when she owned a Palm V PDA, which was succeeded by many other PDAs and cell phones made by the linkes of Sony/Sony Ericsson, RIM, Nokia, and others. She currently holds the Editor In Chief position at AppShopper. Marianne is also co-host to everythingiCafe: the show, a podcast discussing all things iPhone.

Marianne Schultz

Contact: marianne@everythingicafe.com
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Warner Crocker, Contributing Author

Warner Crocker flies through life as a theatre artist and gadget geek. As a mobile tech enthusiast he has written for GottaBeMobile.com and other sites over the years. As a theatre artist he is a playwright, producer, and director. He is previously been selected by Microsoft as a MVP for Tablet PCs, back in the day when Tablet PCs were actually a thing. Based in Chicago, he’s frequently traveling for theatre work which affords him the opportunity to find out if all of these new mobile tech innovations actually do improve life a bit. He can be found on Twitter and other social services as WarnerCrocker.

Warner Crocker

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