Yahoo! Wants To Make It Easier To Find Apps

The process of discovering iOS  apps is currently pretty broken. You can nose through the iTunes store, but that’s slow and poorly designed. You can rely on app reviews, but they’re inherently limited. Sites like AppShopper do a great job of scraping content from iTunes and making it easier to dig through, but doesn’t help you discover new ones. Yahoo! has decided to capitalize on this market opening with a new search engine designed solely for apps. On your computer you can just head to Yahoo! Apps, or from your iOS device you can use the Yahoo! AppSpot app.

From the computer edition, you can browse and search through apps, reviews and screenshots, and when you find an app you like, you can SMS the link to your phone or scan a QR code. The app version will even search through the apps your already have, and personalize recommendations for you.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available, searching through them can be a drag — hopefully Yahoo’s entry into the app search market will help make it a little easier.

[via SearchEngineLand]