WSJ: Apple Tablet To Reshape Textbooks, Newspapers and TV Business, Focus on Sharing

The Wall St. Journal has a story regarding the upcoming Apple Tablet that is scheduled to debut next Tuesday. According to their sources, Steve Jobs is betting the new Apple Tablet will “reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television”, much like the iPod reshaped the music industry.

Apple’s focus was on how the tablet could be used in home and in classrooms. Apple envisions the Tablet being “shared by multiple family  members“. Apple is reportedly looking at how content from textbooks and magazines can be presented differently on the tablet. We’re speculating, but perhaps magazines could offer multimedia within content. Those briefed on the tablet say the device will come with a virtual keyboard, but that’s not surprising.

The story also states that Apple has been in discussions with various magazine and newspaper publishers. NY Times Chairman Arthur Sulzberger declined to comment on the story except to say, “stay tuned“.

Furthermore, Apple is negotiating with television networks like CBS and Walt Disney on a monthly TV subscription service. The Journal states Electronic Arts will show off the Tablet’s game capabilities

Of course, until we see Jobs pull the tablet out of manila folder, this is all speculation. However, the pieces are coming falling into place and we are getting a better idea of what Apple’s Tablet might offer. Is this what you envisioned the Apple Tablet to be? Let us know in the comments or in our Tablet forum.

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