Will The iPhone 5 Get NFC After All?

Near Field Communications (NFC) is one of the most hotly debated new features for the iPhone 5 — we’ve been hearing reports for some time that the next iPhone will have it, but recently rumors surfaced that it wouldn’t. Today there have been two new claims that Apple is substantially working on an NFC system.

Cult of Mac is reiterating their old claim that NFC will be used for Remote Computing. You’ll be able to rock up to any Mac, swipe your iPhone near it, and it’ll suddenly become just like your home machine. All your saved documents and settings will be there, and icons will pop up for all your apps — and once you click on an app, it’ll be temporarily installed on the host machine. Once you log out, everything will be deleted, and it’ll revert back to it’s normal situation.

Meanwhile, a Forbes reporter has heard from a source of hers that the iPhone 5 will have an NFC chip in it after all:

From what I hear, it is possible the iPhone 5 will include NFC. An entrepreneur who is working on a top-secret NFC product told me today that he believes the iPhone 5 will have NFC and cited a friend who works at Apple as a reliable source for the information.

To further bolster his statement, the entrepreneur said that manufacturers of NFC readers – whom he has been talking to for his own product – also expect the iPhone 5 to have NFC. These manufacturers are gearing up for the additional NFC traffic the iPhone 5 will bring, likely this summer, said the entrepreneur.

The iPad 2 was originally rumored to have NFC capabilities, but that never eventuated.

[source: BusinessInsider]

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