With the new iPad having slightly different specifications then it’s predecessor, there has been plenty of discussion about whether iPad 2 cases fit iPad 3. Those who are upgrading to a new iPad would probably like to reuse their current case, given that it’s less than one year old. If you visit Apple’s online store, they don’t list a single third party case as being compatible. We’ve been asking folks in our iPad cases and accessories forums and here’s what we’ve been able to discern. Good news is that it’s not all bad news.

What’s different about the new iPad
When you compare both models, you’ll note they share the same exact width and height. To accommodate the larger battery needed for 4G LTE and the retina display, the newest model is just slightly thicker by 0.6mm. The new iPad 3 is 9.4mm and iPad 2 is 8.8mm. This is what ultimately will affect the fit of your current case.

Apple iPad 2 SmartCase
If your SmartCase isn’t dingy like mine, you will find it fits the new iPad perfectly. As we mentioned in our breakdown of new iPad 3 cases and covers, don’t expect much in the way of protection from this cover. Apple still sells only one SmartCover for both the new and old models.

iPad smart covers

According to their website, they offer five cases that are compatible with both models which include:

  • Elan Folio Cabana
  • Survivor
  • Intellicase
  • Passport
  • AirStrap

A forum member has confirmed the fit of the Griffin Intellicase iPad 2 case with the new iPad.

According a Zagg rep, their ZaggFolio iPad 2 cases will not fit the iPad 3. In what seems pretty bizarre to us, they are shipping out these new iPad 3 cases in iPad 2 packaging.

Khomo Dual Case
This has been confirmed not to work on the iPad (third generation).

Some cases work and some do not. The Otterbox Defender series is compatible with both the iPad 2 and iPad 3. The Otterbox Reflex series does not fit properly and you do not want to forcibly insert your new iPad into this case, as evidenced by the photo shared below.

iPad 2 case fit new iPad 3

We’ve reached out for comment on compatibility of their cases, but have yet to hear back. When researching the specifications on their line of iPad 2 and iPad 3 cases, this group had the exact sizes. Theoretically, these should fit.

  • Incipio Premium Kickstand
  • SmartFeather
  • NGP
  • Tek-nical

They also offer two new models that are exclusively for the iPad (third generation)

  • Lexington
  • Underground

Cases that don’t appear to be compatible or at least are not listed on their iPad 3 cases include:

  • Silicrylic
  • Hive

We have reports that the Sena UltraSlim, which was snug on the iPad 2, works with the iPad 3.

As we receive more reports of what fits and what doesn’t, we’ll start to append this article. Were you able to use your old case? Let us know if your iPad 2 case fits the new iPad in the comments section.