I’ve always found these posts interesting and even learned a few tips from fellow bloggers on what I might be missing from my gear bag. As I make my way to CES 2013 to cover all of the latest iPhone and iPad accessories, I’ve got plenty of gear in tow to aid with my coverage. Truth be told, I do shed a few pounds on gameday, leaving a few things back at the hotel. This is the entirety of my gear bag for CES, save for a few rogue USB cables that will find their way in during my last minute frenzy of packing.

what's in your bag, Christopher Meinck

My primary phone is the iPhone 5, but I’ll have a Samsung Galaxy S II as a back-up. If I would have prepared better, I would have activated my Droid RAZR M, enabling service from two providers. Historically, AT&T service has gone from bad to worse in recent years. On days when battery life is at a premium, struggling to get service takes a toll on battery life. I’m also packing my New Trent charger to help keep me powered up on the show floor. Actually Starbucks keeps me powered up on the show floor.

I bring two cameras. The beefier Nikon D7000 with either a 50mm 1.4G or 35mm 1.8G lens when I need the big guns, but often times I’ll simply rely on the remarkably small and amazing Canon S95. ┬áThe macro quality output by the camera still amazes me. While both of these cameras have video quality, I opt for a Panasonic TM-700 if I do product walkthroughs of any magnitude.

For blogging, I use a mid-2011 13″ MacBook Air with a 256GB SSD. It’s fast for blogging, but struggles mightily when doing any sort of video work. For that reason, I could shift plans to use the S95 for video. Less weight and less time to convert to a usable format are compelling reasons against the Panasonic. I’ve got an older Verizon MiFi, so there won’t be any 4G LTE for me.

I’m bring the WiFi-only iPad 4 with me. It will probably serve as my source of entertainment on the plane, since when I hit my hotel room, it’ll be for sleep. In addition to seeing all the new tech, this trip will afford me the time to watch season 1 of Homeland, which I purchased on Blu Ray and ripped using MakeMKV.

I’ve got an iPhone 5, but I like a dedicated music player for trips. My trusty 64GB Zune HD will get loaded up today with all my recently upgraded music library, thanks in part to iTunes Match.

In previous years, I’ve had a tendency to get sick right around CES. I’ve been loading up on zinc and vitamin C. I’d like to stay illness-free, so will have a bag of Target branded vitamin C and a few packages of CVS branded Airborne. Other items of note: business cards, my CES badge (not forgetting you this year) and paper clips/SIM card adapters (not shown) if/when I switch phones.

This all gets lugged around in a SwissGear backpack. Different configurations might end up in a Timbuk2 messenger bag, again depending on my need to lighten the load.

I’ll be here all week covering the latest in iPhone, iPad cases and accessories. For more of the daily grind that is CES, please consider following @meinck on Twitter along with @everythingicafe.