Gallery: What iOS 7 looks like on a black iPhone

Announced last week, iOS 7 has just entered the early beta stages, with plans for a commercial release this fall. Apple has posted plenty about the design of iOS 7, highlighting the new app icons and interior designs. If you peruse Apple’s website looking for iOS 7 information, you won’t find a single black and slate iPhone. All of the iOS 7 promotion is highlighted with a white and silver iPhone. Realizing that most folks cannot get their hands on iOS 7 and plenty of you own a black iPhone, we took to Photoshop to provide a gallery of what iOS 7 looks like on a black iPhone.

what iOS 7 looks like on black iPhone

Reminders iOS 7 on black iPhoneWeather iOS 7 black iPhone

Maps iOS 7 black iPhoneClock iOS 7 black iPhoneCalculator iOS 7 black  iPhoneFacetime iOS 7 black iPhone

Passbook iOS 7 black iPhoneGamecenter iOS 7 black iPhone

Notes iOS 7 black iPhoneVideos iOS 7 black

Camera iOS 7 black iPhonePhotos iOS 7 black iPhone


Calendar iOS 7 blackiOS 7 Music black iPhone


Contacts iOS 7 black iPhoneCompass iOS 7 black iPhone


Mail iOS 7 black iPhoneMessages iOS 7 black iPhone

App Store iOS 7 black iPhoneNewsstand iOS 7 black iphone

iTunes Store iOS 7 black iPhoneStocks iOS 7 black iPhone

Phone app iOS 7 black iphoneSiri iOS 7

The theory behind selecting a black iPhone over a white iPhone was to remove harsh frames that were created between the apps and the display border. With the changes in iOS 7, there is an abundance of white space and the interior design of most of the apps like Notes, Reminders, Videos, Gamecenter, Photos and others are set on a white background. For those looking for the seamless look, you might find yourself picking up a white iPhone this fall. It’s also interesting to note that when Apple released the iPod touch 5th generation last year, not one had a display with a black border.*

Do you have a black iPhone? Based on these renderings, does the new operating system look better on a white & silver iPhone?

* Apple’s new low-cost iPod touch features the classic black & silver color combination.


  1. Sharunda says

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been wanting to see how the new iOS 7 looked on a black iphone and now you’ve rendered it! Thank you sooooo much!

    As for if it looks better on the black than on the white iPhone. No. They both look equally good, great, awesome! I wish they would have just put them up together on the web site so we could see how it looks, But that is very un-Apple like. That would be too much clutter in their web site.

    I do love how iOS 7 looks on the White iPhone, as well as the Black iPhone, but now, I’m not tempted to buy a White iPhone this go around.

    • says

      Same here. I think it looks much better on the white/silver model. I alternate each year. My iPhone 5 is black & slate. Previously, I had the white & silver iPhone 4S. I see a white & silver iPhone 5S in my future.

  2. Doug T. says

    I really like the look of the apps (for the most part), but I can’t stand the icons / color pallet. Just so distracting. Been using it on my touch. Sure it’s Beta and buggy, but I can deal with that. Those icons are just awful though.

  3. David Windsor says

    Based on these renderings the android crowd is going to have a field day with this. I’m not pleased at all.

  4. Adam says

    I don’t get the hate. I think this is gonna be such an upgrade to the current layout and everything. I’m super excited for this update. I’m sure everything will be more fluid and gorgeous.

  5. Phil says

    The icons are ugly no matter what color the phone is. When your in the apps I think it looks fine on any phone with the exception being the ugly Game Center, give me the green felt over that ugly crap.

  6. TJ says

    I want to clarify my comments from yesterday…I think the functional improvements to iOS seem phenomenal! I just don’t want my icons to look like an Easter basket! (No I cannot take credit for that comparison) I am a hardware guy not a software guy, but I cannot imagine it would be difficult to allow, somewhere in the software, a way to change appearance from glossy to flat! THAT would be nice!!

  7. says

    Wow… it looks so much better on the black. I am so HAPPY my iPhone5 is a black :) The iOS7 design is great, it makes android look so …. 70s.

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