The popular weight loss program Weight Watchers has built an incredible app for members and non-members alike, available on both the iPhone and iPad.  While members receive access to many more features, the non-member features are also nice. These features include Recipes, Online Community access, a Meeting Finder, and a Shopping List.  In our Weight Watcher’s Mobile App review, we will focus on the Weight Watchers Member’s features.

The Weight Watchers app features a bunch of areas which can help you stick to the program and more importantly, your weight loss goals.  Let’s go through them one by one.

PointsPlus Tracker
This screen is where you may find yourself spending the most time.  From here you can select the food you eat in order to have the associated points automatically added.  By clicking the calculator on the top right, you can enter the Fat, Carbs, Fiber, and Protein to get the PointsPlus value.  Also, you can select Activity from this menu to track your activity.  The PointsPlus screen will show your past days meals as well.  Finally, you can track your liquids, milks, fruits and vegetables, multivitamin, healthy oil, and activity.

Weight Tracker

Along with tracking your Points, weight watchers puts a strong focus on ensuring you track your weight over time.  The in-person weigh-ins are one example of this.  Being able to see your weight over time can be a great motivator.


Featured Recipes and More
From here, you can access delicious and healthy recipes that weight watchers recommend for you.  While the program boasts being able to eat what you want as long as you stick to your daily and weekly PointsPlus allotment, these recipes can expedite the process with low calorie, high deliciousness ingredients.  This screen will also display a whole bunch of success stories.  So many of these are great motivators, and can provide a good time killer should you find yourself craving something not so Weight Watcher-ish.

Cheat Sheet
As mentioned above, Weight Watchers does not focus on eating only certain foods, or ingredients.  In fact, the program is based off of the opposite.  Weight Watchers wants you to eat what you want, while maintaining good portion control.  This screen shows, Pizza, Cocktails, Pasta, and Salad.  Each of these screens lets you add or remove ingredients and adjusts the PointsPlus Total accordingly.  This will help you eat a piece of pizza without eating the Supreme or Ultimate varieties.

Online Community
Weight Watchers has delved into the social spectrum with their program, creating an online community where you can make friends and share stories, ingredients, progress, and more.  Though this seems to be in its infancy, it does have good perspectives.  After all, it’s human nature to enjoy sharing your success or having company in misery.  Hopefully your case won’t be the latter.

Meeting Finder
The start of Weight Watchers had meetings in person where tips and motivational speeches were given by a leader.  Participants in the program are also weighed-in during this time.  While these are still two staples of their program, they have made great progress with their online tools and system.  This part of the app will show you meeting spots close-by in order for you to sign up, attend meetings, get instruction, and weigh-in.

Shopping List
This is a basic list functionality available in Weight Watchers Mobile.  There is no tie in between here and the food finder.  This functionality would be nice, and is something I would like to see happen in the future.

My friends and family rave about the app and I love it as well.  It helps you to hold yourself accountable for what you eat, and how you progress through the program.  It takes the guess work out of eating good portions and good food.  It even goes to the extent to help you eat pizza – the right way.  I love using this app – so much that I give it a 10/10.  As far as using tech to help with Weight Loss – this is a top shelf app.

Weight Watchers Mobile is available as a free download available now in the App Store.