If you have an affinity for gorgeous looking weather apps, there are two new iPhone apps that have been designed specifically for iOS 7. Despite the incredibly large number of apps in this category, these developers have shown that new ideas still rule the App Store and there are opportunities, even in categories that are brimming with apps. Perfect Weather from Contrast and Weather Line from Ryan Jones both excel in providing fresh takes on how you can view your weather, while proving that information-heavy apps can be beautiful.

Perfect Weather iOS 7

Perfect Weather

From the development team behind popular apps like Launch Center Pro and Timer, Perfect Weather strikes a perfect balance between helpful information and design. Perfect Weather uses a tabbed interface to navigate between different locations. If you tap, hold and drag on a location, it reveals how they’ve made significant use of the physics in iOS 7. The tabs playfully bounce and there a number of wonderfully done animations throughout. It’s all done using design aesthetics which immediately feel at home in iOS 7.

Perfect Weather

When you tap on a location tab, this becomes your main view. The colorful tab at the top provides location, current conditions and the temperature. Beneath this is a tab that when pulled creates a brilliant looking accordion effect, as if it were paper that had been folded and tucked away. Perfect Weather allows you to be the judge of how much information you’d like to display. You also have the option to tuck it back under the main tab. When revealed in its entirety, it shows the following in a series of rows:

  • Icon showing current weather, High/Low temperature for the day, Chance of rain
  • Chart that graphs temperature through the day. Users can swipe to reveal a host of detailed information including Feels Like, Humidity, Pressure, Visibility, Wind, Sunrise, Sunset and Dewpoint.
  • 7 Day Forecast with highs/lows, Chance of rain

My last foray into beautiful weather apps did not see many focusing on radar, which lets face it, can be tremendously helpful in tracking weather. The bottom portion of the screen provides you with access to weather radar. You can hide the information tab, allowing for nearly a full screen of radar. A playback option lets you replay a 20 minute interval showing movement of storm systems. You can also switch between more familiar rain radar to cloud cover.

Radar in Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather was featured by Apple in their ‘Designed for iOS’ category and for good reason. The design, physics and abundant, yet manageable information makes this a great replacement for the stock app.

Weather Line

Weather Line takes a bit of a different track. It’s primary function is to track temperature, either hourly or daily. Icons throughout allow for you to visually detect the weather forecast for specific period, with one line tracking low temperatures (night).

Weather Line

Tapping on any of the icons reveals information regarding that specific period. Weather Line provides the written forecast in a short, sweet and easily understandable blurb. Icons can at times be difficult to discern, so reading ‘Partly cloudy throughout the day‘ makes it easy to get important weather information quickly.

The hourly and daily views also provide a fair amount of information including Feels Like, Precipitation, Humidity, Sunrise, Sunset and Wind. A neat pull-up tab shows precipitation levels for the following hour. The app uses Dark Sky for prediction, the same app that has wowed us before with its spot on alerts of incoming rain.

Weather Line

The monthly view is handy, showing you the averages for a specific month. If you’re planning a vacation or work trip, this is a quick and easy way to scout temperature averages for a location.

Monthly averages weather

If your old and dingy weather app hasn’t been updated in recent months, both of these apps are great examples of excellent iOS 7 design balanced with providing you essential weather information.

Download Perfect Weather from the App Store – $2.99
Download Weather Line from the App Store – $2.99