It’s Gameday! Super Bowl XLVIII kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 PM EST where the Denver Broncos will take on the Seattle Seahawks. Will Peyton cement his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time or will the upstart Seahawks bring home the Lombardi trophy. This year’s game is being televised by FOX, but what if you cannot get to a TV this Super Sunday? For most football fans, missing the big game is not an option and there is something inherently wrong with taping a sporting event. This year, Fox in particular, makes it easy to catch the game. Here’s how to watch the Super Bowl on iPad or iPhone.

watch super bowl on iPad

Fox Sports GO

The Fox Sports GO app typically has restrictions which require you sign up through a participating provider, but that is being lifted, specifically for the iPad. The app notes possible restrictions for mobile phones, but it does not appear to be in affect today. Using the Fox Sports GO app, you can stream Super Bowl 48 to your iPad or iPhone. In addition to the Seahawks vs. Broncos game, Fox is making their extensive pre-game show available for streaming. So even if you have plans to watch the game at a Super Bowl party, the Fox Sports GO app can get you geared up with the over 8 hour pre-game show. As the official network of Super Bowl XLVIII, Fox also has the exclusive on mobile distribution. Watching through apps is exclusive to this app.

Peyton Manning

Download Fox Sports GO

Comcast Infinity, Verizon FIOS, Optimum Online

Many cable providers offer access to their programming. These require you enter a few details about your account before streaming. Typically they might not offer you premium channels, but you can bet that local channels like FOX are available. If the Fox Sports GO stream isn’t working for you, download the app from your cable company.

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Download Verizon FIOS Mobile

Download Comcast Xfinity

Download Optimum


Admittedly it’s a little late to pick up a Slingbox, but if you have one set up, it’s a great option to stream the game. For one, it puts you in complete control. If servers at Fox and your cable companies are overwhelmed by the demand of folks looking to stream the Super Bowl, you’ll rest easy knowing it’s you and only you logging into your Slingbox. Slingbox also offers the advantage of having full playback control, so you can rewind, fast-forward and watch the all important Super Bowl commercials.

This year, more than any in recent history, the NFL is making it easy to watch the Super Bowl on your iPad or iPhone. Will Richard Sherman back-up his bravado? Can Peyton be stopped? Buckle in and enjoy the game. GO BRONCOS!