Videos Provide Best Look Yet At Gold, Graphite iPhone 5S

The number of part leaks leading up the iPhone 5S has been epic, if back casings are your thing. The long and illustrious list of leaks continued today. Three new and completely independent YouTube channels posted videos that provides us with a further look at the shell that will in all likelihood be part of the iPhone 5S when it’s introduced on September 10th. These provide us with the best look yet at the gold iPhone 5S.

gold iPhone 5S

TLDToday attempted to create a Franken-iPhone 5S, ripping the guts of an iPhone 5, intending to drop the logic board and brains behind the operation into an iPhone 5S shell. Looking at the housing top down, the screws have moved to the right, allowing for a slightly larger battery if Apple. There have been a few screws moved around, but largely the biggest change inside is how the logic board is secured. This prevented the creation of a fully-functional device.

As you’ll note from the video, exterior changes include a rounded rectangle cut-out for what could be a dual-LED flash. The microphone has changed to a more circular shape. This video also shows how Apple is going with a thinner font for the iPhone logo, more in keeping with the helvetica-neue light found in iOS 7.

Not to be outdone, DetroitBORG also received a care package from Asia. He provides some nice close-ups of what could be the gold iPhone 5S, which has a decidedly champagne color. One YouTuber calls it almost a beige color. In addition to the shell, the SIM tray and volume buttons also have that same matching color. The iPhone 5C is thicker due to the plastic and metal chassis components that are glued to the shell.

Sonny Dickson, who previously provide us a first look at the graphite iPhone 5S, provides a HD look at the gold and graphite models. Dickson believes that Apple will launch four color options when it is announced next month.

These guys aren’t leaving much for Tim Cook to show on September 10th. We all crave the leaks, but as we saw with the iPhone 4, it takes some of the air out of the actual announcement. Are you excited? Have plans to be at your local Apple Store on or around September 20th?

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  1. Ed Walters says

    I, too, agree that all these leaks are taking the wind out of Apple’s sails. But, can’t resist them, though. And I personally prefer the Graphite one. Looks pretty cool. The gold one indeed does have a rather champagne-y shade- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, imo.

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