Verizon To Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans Upon Move to LTE

Speaking at the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference, Verizon’s CFO Fred Shammo outlined the companies plan to “sunset grandfathered unlimited plans”. These plans are all based on 3G, so the plan is to require the companies new ‘data share’ plan when a customer moves to a phone with LTE. There is no LTE iPhone just yet, but it would be a logical assumption that the new iPhone 5 would usher in 4G connectivity.

The new data share plan won’t debut until mid-summer and pricing is still yet to be determined. According to Shammo, the new plans will make it easier for families to connect multiple devices.

With wireless companies looking to shift consumers away for unlimited plans using LTE as the bait, then they are certainly making Apple aware of their preference for LTE devices.

AT&T has taken a different tact. They set limits on unlimited plans. Once a customer hits those limits, they are throttled. There is little to no advantage to having an unlimited data plan on AT&T at this point.

No surprise here as companies are shifting away from unlimited plans. No wonder they are doing so well in the recent Consumer Satisfaction Index.

Source: Fierce Wireless


  1. librucefan says

    At least Verizon is being honest about this, AT&T’s limited (or throttled) “unlimited” plans are purposely deceptive as their recent loss in court demonstrates. I’m not disagreeing on a carrier’s right to discontinue a plan, once a contract is up its up, but at least be honest and forthright about the terms…

    • KrakaJap says

      They’re all limited… even Sprint’s “Truly Unlimited” plan. And by contract they all reserve the right to do so whether or not we agree with it or not.

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