If you’ve used Apple’s Notes app or just getting started using notes, you’ll quickly realize the immense utility in what is a basic app. Notes can help keep you organized, productive and lets you access information when you need it most. On the go using your iPhone, on the couch with your iPad or on your laptop, Notes are always at your fingertips. With Siri, they can also be at your beckoned call. Here’s how to use Siri to find, view, read, update or take notes on iPhone.

Siri take notes iPhone

How to find and view notes using Siri

One of the biggest advantages of using Apple’s Notes app is the integration with Siri, the voice activated personal assistant. The nature of notes, typically being short in length, can result in a folder filled with notes. If you have multiple accounts, it can get even more difficult to track down information. Here’s where Siri can really help.

  1. Press and hold the home button to bring up Siri
  2. Use the phrase, “Find my {query} notes“. For example, “Find my Roasted Red Skinned Potato notes”
  3. Tap on Note to view and read your recipe

Other Useful Phrases

Show my notes from [date].

Siri find notes

Tip: Siri is smart enough to look inside your notes when searching. So you can search for specifics within a note, which will bring up all notes related to that query. “Find my Paprika notes” will bring up all recipes that have paprika.

How to have Siri read your notes

With the advent of CarPlay, Siri will continue to play a key role in safe driving, while helping you access your content. In the example above, we found a recipe. If you are in the kitchen, it might be useful to have Siri read your notes and here’s how:

  1. Press and hold the home button to bring up Siri
  2. Use the phrase, “Read my note about {query} “. For example, “Read my note about meeting with Lockhart Gardner.”

Finding, viewing and reading notes is only a few of the tricks available to Siri. One of the most robust features that will swing your virtual personal assistant into action is creating new notes or editing an existing note.

How to use Siri to create a new note

  1. Press and hold the home button to bring up Siri
  2. Use one of these two phrases, “Note that …” or “Note to self, ….” For example, “Note to self, I need to order the fifth season of The Good Wife”
  3. Tap on Note to view and read your recipe

Siri create note

How to use Siri to edit an existing note

Similar to creating notes, Siri can also add content to an existing note. Perhaps you’re thinking that recipe could benefit from a tablespoon of salt, you would use the following phrase.

Add ‘tablespoon of salt’ to my Roasted Red Skinned Potato notes.

Your content request will differ, but the basic command is, “Add [content to be added] to my [name of note].

Update note using Siri

It’s easy to get hooked on the Notes app. It can be an invaluable tool with an incredible number of applications. Using Siri with Notes makes it easy to do everything, all with simple voice commands. With a little practice, you and your virtual personal assistant will be working together to supercharge your Notes experience!