There are countless RSS readers for iPhone and the newly released ‘Unread’ might very well be the best of the bunch. RSS feeds can get unruly and at times, it can feel more like a chore to make your way through your favorite sites. Unread aims to cut the clutter and beautify your RSS reading experience.

Unread RSS

The app requires a Feedly, FeedWrangler or Feedbin account. That’s common after the demise of Google Reader. Having a Feebin account, I can wholeheartedly recommend thier serivce. It’s been fast, stable and plays nice with an assortment of RSS apps.

Within every screen, Unread lets you uses gestures to trigger various option menus, including changing to a different color theme. There is a theme designed for nighttime reading, as well as hidden themes, though how you access them still remains a bit of a mystery.

The app uses fonts from Hoefler & Co. It’s all part of the developers focus on providing a pleasant reading experience. When you enter an article, full-screen mode is just that. There’s nothing but beautifully typeset words. Swipe right and it reveals a number of options for marking read, marking as favorite, viewing on the web, sharing it or changing your theme. The icons are crisp, simple and look great in iOS 7. A control bar at the bottom of the inline browser allows for a quick return to your article within Unread.

Share unread

There are a number of useful options. Double-tapping an article will toggle the read/unread status. If you press and hold, it will reveal the panel of sharing and web view options.

By all appearances, Unread will strike a chord among those looking for a simple, unfettered interface for reading RSS articles. In this quest, there are no favicons for your favorite sites. When in list view, you’ll see only two articles before scrolling is required. This is in contrast to the ‘spreadsheet’ like management of other RSS readers.

If you are looking for a simple, fast and gorgeous RSS reader that works with Feedly, FeedWrangler or Feedbin, Unread is worthy of your consideration. It’s on sale to celebrate the launch.

Download Unread ($2.99)