Typo Keyboard Case Backed By Ryan Seacrest Adds Physical Keyboard To iPhone 5/5s

Ryan Seacrest is not a fan of the iPhones on-screen keyboard and is doing something about it. Apparently Seacrest and his friends carry multiple phones, preferring to use a phone with a physical keyboard for correspondence. Upon trying all of the current alternatives available to them, Seacrest partnered with Laurence Holder, CEO of Show Media, to develop the Typo Keyboard. It’s a slider case that protects the iPhone, adds ¬†minimal thickness and is said to provide “a butter-smooth, tactile typing experience.”

Typo Keyboard

The Typo Keyboard adds 1/4 inch in thickness and less than 3/4 inch in length to the iPhone 5/5s. This is made possible by miniaturizing the components on the circuit board, using TypoTouch, the companies patented keyboard technology. It’s powered by ‘the world’s smallest lithium-ion battery’. The Typo Keyboard case avoids the need for the on-screen keyboard, providing for an additional 40 percent of screen space. It’s full keyboard and backlit in low light. There’s also a battery indicator and can be charged in less than an hour.

TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

A number of manufacturers have attempted to attach some form of physical keyboard to the iPhone. The Typo Keyboard utilizes Bluetooth. It also covers the home button, but there appears to be a keyboard ‘hot key’ that would duplicate this functionality. It does however present an obvious problem for iPhone 5s users that make use of TouchID.

The Typo keyboard case will retail for $99 and is available for pre-order. Shipments start in January 2014 and the company will showcase their product at CES.

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  1. GSXRMike says

    That looks completely pointless and looks very uncomfortable to hold while typing. I’ll stick to my on screen keyboard. Thanks.

  2. Jonathan says

    That does look very uncomfortable. If I wanted something that big it would have to have some use to it like a Mophie battery case or at minimum a great case to protect it like Lifeproof. The keys also look like their copying blackberry. In any case, to each his/her own. Someone might just find use for this thing.

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