Twitter is like a facehugger. You don’t think too much of it until after it has burrowed into you and is gestating quietly inside. As it blossoms, you find yourself sitting there apprehensively, keying in a tweet every other day. It’s not a problem. You can control this. You’ll survive. Honest. But before you know it, a full-fledged addiction has blossomed and a new social media monster is born.

Strange analogies aside, I have a question for you: what is the worst thing about Twitter dependency? For some, it’s how hard it is to explain to a non-believer why cataloging your day-to-day activities in 140-character chunks is a mandatory chore. For others, it’s how inconvenient it is to keep track of what on EARTH is going on while you’re on the go. If you nodded your head in answer to the latter, I have the solution for you.

Meet Tweetbot.

tweetbot ipad

It’s a Twitter client and it’s kind of awesome. On top of providing all the requisite functions, Tweetbot also offers something else, something deeply important but often overlooked. Tweetbot offers style. If Tweetbot was a person, it’d be a sharply-dressed gentleman in a gray Armani suit. The interface is low-key, yet there is no shortage of attention to detail.

tweetbot mentions

What sets Tweetbot apart from its competitors is the amount of control it provides and the way it can make you feel a little like a character from Minority Report. Tweetbot is really, really touchy-feely. There’s a swipe or a tap for all occasions here, folks. Want to message someone? Tap and hold onto their avatar to bring up the relevant pop-over menu. Want to translate a tweet? Tap it, hold it and pick the option from the menu. Drag a tweet to the left to see replies sent to the original poster. Drag the tweet to the right to view the full conversation. You can even mute tweets bearing a certain hash-tag simply by, you guessed it, tapping the hash-tag, holding it and then selecting the function.

tweetbot ipad ui

For those who crave autonomy, worry not. You’re not completely bound to Tapbots’ ingenius design. Triple taps can be customized to handle a decent variety of things. Nifty, eh? There are even a few gestures unique to the iPad iteration. Tweetbot for the iPad lets you use a two-finger swipe to move back one level and three-finger swipe to return to your beginnings. Overwhelming as all that might sound, it’s actually pretty intuitive once you’ve gotten used to it.

Asides from being supremely easy to handle, Tweetbot is also adept at making your Twitter addiction more easily manageable. One of the things I liked most about Tweetbot is the fact it allows for multiple time lines based on the lists you’ve created and how it permits you to mute users, hash-tags for various time periods. Given how fast-paced Twitter can be, noise control is a godsend.

Tweetbot share

There’s more, of course. Tweets load even as you busy yourself elsewhere; you won’t ever have to refresh unnecessarily. Links can be opened in the in-built browser, saved for later, e-mailed, Tweeted or viewed in Safari. Direct messages can be e-mailed and even refreshed. Want to save a search criteria? Go ahead. Tweetbot will let you do so. As a bonus, Tweetbot also works fabulously in landscape mode, a function only available on the iPad version for obvious reason. Have I mentioned that the latest update came with image thumbnails? You won’t have to worry about clicking on a work-inappropriate picture again.

Tweetbot photo preview

I could go on and on. There’s a reason as to why all the reviewers out there have been fawning over this little darling. Tweetbot is spectacular. Tapbots went the extra mile with this one. If there’s a feature you’ve longed for, it’s probably there. The only thing that Tweetbot doesn’t do is compose eloquent tweets itself. Regardless of whether you’re purchasing it for your iPhone or your iPad, you’re not going acquainting yourself with Tweetbot. Get Tweetbot. Seriously. Why? Because you’re worth it.

Tweetbot for iPad retails for $2.99 and is available on the App Store.