Tweetbot 1.3 Approved, Available Soon in App Store

Tweetbot Review

Verison 1.3 of Tweetbot (see our Tweetbot review) has been approved by Apple. According to Tapbots, version 1.3 brings a host of new features and fixes including the following:

  • Improved multiple account switching
  • Local trends (can be set in the account settings)
  • Improved recipient selector when creating a new direct message
  • Ability to copy, delete, and translate direct messages (swipe on a thread to delete a whole group)
  • “Add to List” feature improved and renamed to “Manage List Memberships”
  • Added “go to user” feature in people search (shows when typing into the “Search People” box)
  • Gaps now load above or below depending on position of gap when button is invoked.
  • Compose Tweet from hashtag (by holding down on a hashtag in a tweet)
  • Drafts button now displays # of drafts.
  • Support for Favstar (hold fav button to invoke ‘tweet of the day’, double-tap profile tab to see your own favstar page)
  • Various bug fixes

They have yet to find a solution for push notifications due to cost issues. In any event, if you are a Tweetbot user, grab the update today.