Every two weeks, Facebook pushes a new software update. Often these are bug fixes and what they term as improvements. The most recent release introduced a most unwelcome feature, sounds. Every navigation point now includes an audible reminder. More importantly, those in your immediate surroundings, are also privy to the soundtrack of your Facebook activity. Luckily, if you’d prefer to to turn off these sounds, it’s easily done.

How to turn off Facebook sounds

1. Open Facebook and tap on the ‘More’ menu.
2. Tap on Settings.
2. Select Sounds. Toggle in-app sounds to off.

Facebook turn off sounds

It’s odd that Facebook has committed  to such a bizarre update schedule. Are these updates that vital? Are they improving things? I understand the addition of sounds. Some might like the feature. If you’re not one of them, join me in disabling in-app sounds on Facebook. Now we can get back to our steady stream of updates that do little, other than fixing bugs.