Turkey’s Done: iPhone Apps Dedicated to the Thanksgiving Bird

Turkey Day is quickly approaching. And although you undoubtedly have quite a few things on your plate in preparation for the big holiday, it couldn’t hurt to destress a little while still paying homage to the creature that made it all happen. No, not the pilgrims. The turkey.

The App Store is home to a surprising number of apps dedicated to the big bird, and we picked a few that may be worth your while and a small chunk of your wallet.

Turkey Blast: Reloaded
Price: FREE

Gear up for the big Turkey Day ahead of time by getting in some practice shots. The Turkey Blast arcade-style game lets you pop off 12 different turkeys with a cavalcade of weapons–rifles, magic wands, pencils, you name it. The more birds you knock off, the more weapons and prizes you unlock.

Turkey Calls
Price: FREE

For those that prefer to hunt real birds in real life, this app lets you practice for a big trip with hunting calls that will bring all your feathered friends out of the woodwork. If only they could see what was coming…

Price: FREE

Since when did dead turkeys look so hilarious? Though it’s just one of a million turkey-shoot-em games in the App Store, the graphics and visuals in this one are legitimate and enjoyable year-round. Check out the Thanksgiving Day game while you’re waiting for those darn yams to cook, and don’t forget about the Christmas Day game next month.

Turkey 3D Bobblehead
Price: $0.99

In case the quick-on-their-feet, sharp-beaked birds weren’t scary enough for you, check out this app featuring none other than a 3D bobblehead version of what’s going to end up on your plate and smothered in gravy next week.

My Turkey Recipes
Price: $1.99

What’s the whole point of this post, again? Oh, right–turkey, the main course of Thanksgiving. Make sure you cook yours correctly with these step-by-step instructions and recipes, photos included.

Price: $0.99

What good is a properly prepared turkey if you don’t cook it through and through? Use this app to calculate the cooking time for your bird, based on the turkey’s weight, whether it’s stuffed, whether it’s basted, et cetera. The app doesn’t have push notifications, though, so make sure you check it often and always have it running–or you may have a family of hungry turkey lovers running you out the door.


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