Troubles with Comcast’s New Xfinity iPhone App?

It’s not exactly what was shown in a demo from Comcast earlier this year, but the Xfinity remote iPad/iPhone app still looks like it could be the coolest thing to happen to cable TV-iPhone nerds in a long time. The Xfinity app works as both a mobile video player for Comcast customers to stream content from, and as a remote to control programming on their TVs using a wi-fi connection.

We’ve been trying for days to get the new app to work properly, but, like a lot of other users, we can’t even get past the login screen. But the biggest issue since the app’s release seems to be making sure your cable box is compatible with the app–which you can figure out here.

Hopefully we can get this thing up and running soon. Who else has had trouble getting the Xfinity app to work properly?


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  1. Josh says

    This is the old cat and mouse game with FIOS. I switched to FIOS last year, and they have a great iPhone app. You can set recordings, see disc space on your DVR, see what’s recorded on DVR, and remove DVR content. But you can’t watch content. Most disappointing. And Comcast has had for a while very nicely integrated voicemail in their iPhone app, while FIOS has no voicemail integration at all.

  2. Tracy says

    You have to log in with your Comcast ID (ie, your email address). I had to call Comcast to reset the password because I had no idea what it was and couldn’t self-reset it.

    On the website you can login with another email address, but this and other features require your Comcast ID login.

    • says


      the Request Error error only appears when you try to login using valid credentials. if you try and login with incorrect credentials you get a normal error message.

      you guys should fix yo shit… or at least test it before releasing it.. or at least put that little ‘beta’ icon next to the name so at least then we will know you are testing it on us.


    • Gilly says

      I downloaded app, logged in, it found my televisions, and then a message came up saying the service wasn’t available yet. I live in the Philly suburbs. When is this available in my area? Thanks.

    • Sdb says

      It may help to also know that you MUST have Comcast as your Internet provider for the app to work. I have AT&T dsl for Internet (home office, required by employer) and Comcast as my cable provider. Disappointing -a no go for me.

  3. Adam says

    Mine doesn’t work either. It’s logged in right, you can set recordings to either DVD and it works, but it won’t change the channel, and the screen ID test fails every time. The dvr’s are on the compatability list too.

  4. David says

    I had the same issues with the request error… and managed to resolve it (might not be the same for everyone).

    I was typing my comcast ID and password … but did not attach the “” to the end of my username (incidentally this works on all their webpages and other comcast iphone app but not on the XfinityTV app).

    To summarize:
    USERNAME in the login field gave me the error. … works

    It’s a very odd error message considering the silly error I had…. not sure if this fixes the issue for others or not but it worked for me.

  5. Elvis says

    I noticed an actual “remote control” function when the CEO was unveiling the new iPad app (volume controls, aarows, channel buttons, etc.) but there is no such function with the latest version. Will it be available in the future?

  6. Tayler says

    I don’t have a problem signing in and I meet all the requirements, plus it shows my 4 DVR’s but when I try to connect them it shows the error.

  7. Nicholas says

    I am having the same issue. Can log in, but the TV screen test fails (and the app doesn’t change my channels). I even logged into the app with the full Comcast email address per David’s advice.

    Anyone have any new advice? Mark?

  8. MarkD says

    I’ve logged in and out, cycled the box and have the same problem. “Request Error” at TV test. When I first logged in it looked like it was going to work but no dice.

  9. AJ says

    Logged in successfully, I’m able to see the listings, but I cannot set recordings and the fancast website we are directed to says I can’t use the manage my DVR. Also cannot change channels even though it recognizes my DVR and makes an alert noise when i execute the command. Don’t know what I have to do. Not liking this so far.

  10. rob says

    Same issue as everyone else, no resolution. Signed in, boxes compatible and listed, no dice. Great idea, but bad execution

  11. Paul says

    Having the same issue as everyone else. I just downloaded the apps for my iPhone and iPad. It recognizes all of my boxes but I can’t change the channel. It just shows the wireless symbol and nothing happens. And when I go to test all of the boxes I get the “Request Error” message the same as everyone else.

    So Comcast, it seems as though you have a bug. How about a timeframe on fixing the issue and letting us know when it’s up.

  12. paul says

    My app won”t work either, all it”s good for is a channel guide. Apparently if you rename the boxes at initial setup , it will fail, How lame is that. I follow the instructions and it renders it useless!!! it shows I have 2 boxes compatible.
    uninstalling the app and reinstalling it is waste of time, as it remembers the names I gave my TV’s instead of a clean install, Comcast could not make an app more faulty and full of bugs. That it cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled freshly without pervious settings is just plain dumb!
    Hip hip hooray for yet another day of frustration with comcast!
    Oh, and save your breath attempting to call customer service, they are completely unaware of the app or for that matter what an app is, try it and see, you’ll have to explain what an app is. Poor consumer relations at it’s finest. I,m happy for those who have the app working, mine is useless and so is Comcast.

  13. Frankie says

    I had the same “unknown error” problem on the xfinity iphone app login. Then I logged in to from my PC ( and went to the My TV – DVR Manager page. When tried to manage the DVR – it said “Syncing in Progress. But I digress. After logging to xfinity TV on my PC, I retried the iphone app and I logged in no problem. So perhaps you have to “activate” xfinity TV on the web before you can login from the iphone app.

    Let us know if this works for you too.

  14. Ryan says

    im having a problem with mine to. all of my boxes are compatible but they dont show up at the main screen. so basically its just like a tv guide for me and thats it. anyone have any suggestions!? please!!

  15. Michael says

    I have 2 comcast boxes (DCH 3416). I called comcast and they said my boxes have great signal and to call apple. Apple said to reset my system settings and then wanted $69.95 to talk more. No thanks and still no workie. I can log in online and see/program the boxes with no problems. But, when i try the app i get this error: “Sorry! No compatible cable boxes were found.”
    I tried to log in with iphone3, same prob. Any help would be great !

  16. Kevin says

    Agree. This app is crap and the biggest waste of time I’ve spent in a long time, or at least since the last time I had to deal with Comcast. Spent hours on every “fix” I’ve been told to no avail. Total crap.

  17. Dave says

    Using your comcast remote select menu, then select parental control, then select exit. My iPad app channel selection started working. Go figure.

  18. rottenraisin says

    I just downloaded the app and its still not working. Based on the previous posts this issue has been going on for several months. Clearly its time to hire people that know what to do.

  19. Chad says

    I had this app working perfectly yesterday… Today, I would open the app and it would automatically close within 3 seconds. I can’t figure out why. Any ideas?

  20. Vince says

    I am able to log in and use iphone as remote control and also manipulate TV at home. However, no one has m entioned the second part of what XFINITY has promised here – streaming tv episodes.

    I am unable to use xfinity tv app on my iphone 4 to stream past tv episodes, because it requires an adobe flash upgrade which Apple does not allow. . How is anyone with an iphone 4 or any apple product watching past tv episodes ??????

  21. William says

    I had trouble with this, too. I don’t know if anything below actually helped vs just being lucky but this is what I did before it started working:

    1. Turned off the TV’s “autotune” feature in settings (Samsung),
    2. Set up my account for XfinityTV online on the computer, and
    3. Deleted and re-loaded the iphone app (3gs) about 50 times.

    And now it works. Tomorrow may be another story; this is Comcast after all.

  22. JT says

    Yeah, had to reset password with a comcast tech- i can record anything from the app I want, but can’t view any tv shows on the ipad- it says on EVERY show
    “We’re sorry, this program is not available on your cable box. Please choose another.”

    Lame. Had great hopes. Might as well go to Hulu+ and Netflix. The $150 we pay for our comcast service just isn’t worth it anymore.

  23. Helen Marian says

    My Xfinity app for Android works sometimes, but it often freezes when I want to delete emails. This time, when I checked my messages, it automatically took me out of the whole application so I had to delete the application and re-start all over again. What gives, Xfinity?

  24. Left Sock says

    What if you do not have Comcast as your internet provider? Would you still be able to have a comcast email to use as your sign in for the iphone app?

  25. David Knurd says

    Some times it works, more often that not it gives you the “unknown error”. It even made me re-log in when I told it to stay logged in. when I did it again said unknown error/ bad password. I double checked my password, then I waited the obligatory “comcast wants you to wait, 30 minutes”. It then did finally did work.

    DOES THAT sound like much of a remote control?. IT IS JUNK!

    Changing to fios tomorrow

  26. David Knurd says

    I have a solution to the unknown error problem. Next time comcast/xfinity (whatever they are calling them self this week) asks for a payment, just say “there was an unknown error that occured with your payment”.

  27. Gutierrezfrancisco says

    Same here bud, and yes the app does recognize my tv’s but as soon as i try to change the channel it tells me there seems to be an unknown error. Tell me if you’ve found a solution.

  28. frustratedcomcastcustomer says

    i get this same error as pictured above.  have called comcast multiple time spending several hours.  they put in a ticket to the “higher tech” people, but they called and left a message that it was a hardware issue with the phone…this is my second iphone and i had the same issue with the last one.  my husband is able to access the app and has the same exact phone.  not sure what else to try.  i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, rebooting…nothing works

  29. zach says

    i downloaded this app and when it completed, it just deleted itself from the home page. when i went to settings, it had xfinity on it. i clicked it and all it said to keep me logged in. how do i make the app go to the home screen?

  30. nicole says

    how do you get a compatible device?? mine says I have none… so i don’t know what i need, and neither do the people at comcast when i call.

  31. Michguy says

    Couldnt get past login either … I found a link to online tech support and did the text chat. Her username was Marie Catherine. Anyway, what a complete moron…. She just kept spouting useless steps to try from a prepared list … After an hour I just wanted to shoot her, then myself. What a complete pile of garbage.

  32. itsjustme says

    I am using a friend account. I pay half his bill to use the long in. and it was working for me yesterday but I keep getting the “unkown error….” today what the hell is going on? i can’t call the acount myself so what am I supposed to do about it.

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