Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a genuine joy, many of us will be settling down on the sofa this Sunday to celebrate the victories and curse the losses of our favorite films. Though Boyhood seems like it might just have the big award sewn up, there’s still plenty of room for surprises.

The Oscars

If you want to be well-prepared for the 87th Annual Academy Awards, there’s no need to settle for just the info you can find on the big screen. Just pull out your iPhone or iPad—you’ll have access to all the trailers, history and prediction tools you could want.

Watch ABC

If you are in the U.S. and looking to watch the Oscars live, you’ll need the ABC app. In order to access the live stream, you’ll need to confirm that you have a valid cable subscription, so you’ll need your provider login credentials handy. ABC is also hosting a live from the red carpet, so you can catch all of the stars as they make their way to the big event.

Oscars live

If you want to get an early start, they are also showing a special Backstage event, which kicks off at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Oscars live

The Watch ABC app is also available on Apple TV. If you’re watching live, chances are that you’ll use your cable feed. If you have an Apple TV connected to a TV in your house that doesn’t have cable, you can watch it the show with your ATV.

Download Watch ABC

E! Now

No station offers more pre-event coverage than E! and they have two apps for movie fans. Their app for iOS is top notch. You can access on-demand E! shows including Fashion Police, The Soup and more. Their wall-to-wall red carpet coverage starts at 5:45 EST. That’s almost three hours of interviews, fashion wow-moments and misses.

E! Now live from red carpet

And when all of the Oscars have been handed out, E! Now is there for all of the post-event coverage.

Download E! Now

IMDb Movies & TV

It’s an old standby, but there will inevitably come a point in the evening when everyone gets stuck trying to place an actor’s previous roles or a director’s other great films. Save yourself the frustration of fumbling your way through a “wasn’t she from…” conversation that meanders through the next three award speeches by keeping the IMDb app close at hand. You’ll find a full list of nominees here too, conveniently linked to their IMDb listings so you can figure out exactly who played Charlotte Phelan in The Help or how many amazing films George Clooney has starred in before The Descendants. The app has been updated to include an entire section titled Awards Central, dedicated to all things Oscars.


Download IMDB (Free)

With these apps, you should have the perfect toolkit to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this year’s Oscar nominees—and probably a lot more than that. Did we miss your favorite or have you found a hidden gem for film buffs? Share your favorite iPhone apps for the Oscars in the comments section.

Updated by Christopher Meinck: February 22nd, 2015