Tiny Wings is a game which, with likeness to Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, has taken the App Store by storm! You’re job is basically to control a bird who, as the game title aptly suggests, has very small wings, and thus cannot fly. However, by using hills as slopes and ramps, the poor bird can, with your help, reach dizzying heights before the cruel reality of gravity returns it to the ground. But here comes the twist – you’re being chased by night! That’s right, you have from sunrise to sunset to get as far as you can, and the slower you go, the more night will gain on you. It’s fun, addictive, and cute, and bears a price tag that corresponds with the size of the birds’ wings!

Tiny Wings Review

As the game starts off, your bird is dozing in a nest at the top of a hill, when you tap to awake it, the bird begins to slide down the hill, and will continue to slide up and down the hills on its own accord. However, to assist the little critter, you can tap and hold the screen to make your bird more streamlined and thus faster, and then release to make him flap his winds and glide higher!

Tiny Wings start

You’ll have to focus on timing though; in order to make the most of each slope and use gravity to gain speed, you’ll have to go streamlined just as you hit hills on their downslope and release just as they begin to slope upwards so that your bird will travel higher, faster, and further, earning you a higher score, and keeping you ahead of night! There are also coins to pick up along the way on the hills, though these aren’t particularly influential on the gameplay, and seem almost like an afterthought.

Tiny Wings flight

To make the game more interesting and less repetitive, the developers have included islands which are all separated by sea. At the end of each island, there’s a big hill for you to use to gain enough height and speed to overcome the sea between the islands. In addition, the game features your very own ‘nest’ which you can upgrade by completing certain objectives; the better your nest, the higher your score multiplier!

Tiny Wings nest

Each Island in Tiny Wings is illustrated with stripy and wavy patterns, each following a different color scheme. What’s interesting is that the game uses procedural graphics, which basically means that each time you play you’ll experience a new display! The game is crystal clear on the iPhone’s retina display, and the graphics match the simple gameplay which seems to be almost a necessity for successful iPhone games.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is a relatively easy game, and I would recommend it to people of all ages. The simple gameplay makes for one of the most addictive and fun games I’ve ever played on any gaming platform….ever, not to mention that it actually looks great too! The only thing I’d highlight as something which is in need of improvement is the game’s soundtrack, which is bland at best. However, at only 59p (99¢), Tiny Wings is not only a bargain, but a must-have for any iPhone owner!

8 of 10 rating