With the Masters recently coming to an end with Bubba Watson bringing home the Green Jacket, I have been wanting to get out there and play some golf myself.  While I didn’t get out this weekend, I was still able to play some rounds on my iPad with Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12.  I find the game well done and very fun to play. Read on for our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 review for iPad and iPhone.

This is an EA Game, so you can expect it to be a full, professionally made Golf Game.  The first time you launch the game up, you can expect to create your golfer.  You can choose the golfer as male or female, then their shirt, pants, skin color, and other accessories.  Also, you can name your player whatever your heart desires – I picked simply, Mike.

This game will connect with your Facebook account to allow you to challenge friends in ‘Closest to the Pin’.  However, you cannot create an account should the app be removed and re-added.  This means the progress you make will be lost if you get a new device.  You will spend some of your game cash ($50,000) initially to choose which skills of your golfer you want to improve.  If you head to the Get Pro Shop Cash screen, you can get an extra free $25,000 of in game money.  As you progress and make money throughout the game, you will continue to improve your golfers skillset.  Save some money for your first tournament buy-in though! (The game will remind you to do so).

There are many modes in the game including Tournament, Play Now, Closest to the Pin, Tiger Challenge, and Multiplayer.  Each mode has its own setup screen which you will find easy to go through.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 keeps the same look you may be used to if you have played an EA Golf game on a console.  What’s changed is the feel.  The interaction between your fingers and the screen is what makes this game fun to play.  Normal tasks found in golf games like picking clubs, reviewing ball path, and actually swinging to hit the ball are all here.  Swinging the club is done in a meter-type interface on the screen.  You swipe down for the backstroke and back up to swing.  During this, you can curve the path which will but some spin on the balls flight path.  Once the ball is in the air, you get a birds eye view following it along.  During this time, you can spin the ball in any direction.  The will affect the way the ball rolls on land.

A similar interface is used for putting – however this time you will be given a green range to swipe back into, and forward from there to get the right power output.  Again, this is intuitive and just enough help to still be challenging while not impossible to learn. The first time you play, the game will go through a quick tutorial explaining what the various buttons on the screen are used for, how to swing etc.  The learning curve is small meaning you will quickly catch on and be making par, birdies, and eagles in no time.

In-App Purchases
If you want to put your game on the fast track, you can purchase some cash to upgrade your player or get into some more expensive in-game tournaments.  The tournaments are expensive and will require you to play a while before you can afford to get into any past your first.  Of course this is if you don’t do well in your first tournament.  If you do, you will be rewarded with enough money to enter another.  The difficulty here is that your player will start with a low skill-set, meaning winning is almost impossible.

An additional purchase is available.  You can choose to have your shot boosted.  The cost is 10 for $0.99, 25 for $1.99, and 50 for $2.99.  These will help you get to the green faster!

If you get in the Golfing mood, but can’t actually make it onto the course, this game is probably the next best thing.  With beautifully done graphics and a smooth, easy to use user interface, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 makes golfing on a touch screen the way it should be, fun.  For these reasons, I give this game a 10/10!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 is available for $1.99 for iPad and $0.99 for iPhone in the App Store now.