The Problem With Security On Opera Mini

We’ve covered Opera’s blindingly fast browser before, and mentioned the potential privacy concerns of the system—it appears we’re not the only ones worried.

For those of you just joining us, Opera Mini promises much faster browsing than Safari and other WebKit browsers, because you don’t actually browse the internet directly. Rather, you go through Opera’s servers, which then render the page you want, compress it using their own technology, and then send it on to you. The advantage is that much less bandwidth is used, but it raises a large number of questions.

Kontra at CounterNotions raises many of the worries we have, mostly with regards to security. Opera’s servers sit between you and everything you browse, and have to decrypt and re-encrypt all your security details: bank logins, account numbers, passwords, all of it. As John Gruber pointed out, Opera’s FAQ is totally open about this:

Q: Is there any end-to-end security between my handset and — for example — or my bank?
A: No. If you need full end-to-end encryption, you should use a full Web browser such as Opera Mobile.
On second thought, I might just stick with Safari.
  • Eninety2

    Why doesn’t apple just buy Opera?