The Daily To Cost $0.99 A Day, Not Run iAds?

The saga of Rupert Murdoch’s new news app continues, with word that it will be rather excruciatingly expensive, and run its own ad network. According to AdAge, the app will cost a whopping $0.99 a day, after a two week trial. That’s right, a dollar a day. Dang.

On top of that, it will not be tapping into Apple’s iAd network, rather handling it under their own steam, as they would in print.

Apparently The Daily will only be iPad exclusive for a limited time, before spreading to other tablet platforms. In order to facilitate the launch, early adopters will get incentives from the impressive variety of launch sponsors:

But one thing has fallen into place for The Daily: an impressive array of launch sponsors, including Macy’s, Verizon Wireless, Land Rover, Pepsi Max and Virgin America, according to people close to those deals. In addition to sponsoring the project, they’ll help The Daily get off the ground by offering incentives for their customers to download the app, such as frequent flyer miles from Virgin America.

Early reports had the subscription for the app costing $0.99 a week, with fresh content delivered daily. A buck a day That seems excessive. Keep in mind, the New York Times costs $2 for the daily edition, and that has to be physically printed and delivered everywhere.

[via SAI]

  • Josh

    Well, I was excited about The Daily…until this. There’s no WAY I’m paying $.99 per day for news with all the other free outlets there are on the iPad and elsewhere. $4 per month was steep, but I considered it. Magazine subscriptions are cheaper than that! Granted it’s a monthly subscription mostly, but still…that’s high. (Not to mention their ad revenue…)

  • Roger K.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to just sell iAds and give the App free?

  • North

    Thats more than a $500,000 life insurance policy