On Sunday, most of us will settle in front of a TV and watch Super Bowl XLVI. With the big game less than four days away, here’s a look at the best Super Bowl apps for the iPhone. Are you rooting for the Tom Brady led New England Patriots or the seemingly always wide open Victor Cruz-led NY Giants? Regardless of your team affiliation, these apps will help make the most of Super Sunday. So put on your Tony Romo jersey and get to downloading these apps before kickoff.

Best Super Bowl iPhone apps

Super Bowl XLVI Guide
If you are on your way to Indianapolis to watch the game, you need to download this app pronto. With amazing 3D renders of Lucas Oil Stadium and the surrounding areas, this app offers updates on events in the area running up to the game. You’ll find restaurants, nightclubs and NFL sponsored events. You can also pinpoint parking garages in the area. The restaurant finder will show provide reviews courtesy of Yelp along with all the necessary contact information to make reservations.

Super Bowl Guide

When it comes time to head to the stadium, the apps also has a seat finder, making it easier to locate your seat.

Super Bowl seating guide iPhone

This is a spectacular app that’s really thought out and well executed.

Free – App Store link

Super Bowl XLVI Program
Available for the iPad only, this is great to bring to your Super Bowl party making you the go-to reference guide. It’s packed with over 400MB of NFL video and multimedia. Cowboy fans, myself included, can use it to proudly display all of the past Super Bowl rings. It’s true, I love talking about Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt. For Giants fans, you can remind your Patriot buddies about David Tyree.

Super Bowl iPad program

Free – App Store link

NFL Mobile
If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you can use this app to watch the game. If you aren’t, you’ll receive a rather unwelcome Error reminding you of the exclusivity between Verizon and the NFL. Verizon customers will cheer for NFL Mobile. Other wireless customers, not so much.

Free – App Store link

Let’s say for some crazy reason, you are not able to find yourself in front of a television and you are not a Verizon Wireless customer. Fear not. There is a solution, albeit a pricey one. If you happen to own or willing to invest in a Slingbox, the iPhone app will allow you to stream the game of 3G. Data overages be damned if it’s in the name of watching the the final battle for the Lombardi trophy.

App Store link – $29.99

NFL 11’
Designed to be an app for fans of all teams, NFL 11’ mobile helps wind down the 2011 season with the latest news headlines. Will Gronkowski be effective this week? Why was Osi Umenyoria fined $20k? It’s all part of the coverage you’ll find in the official NFL app. The ‘Media’ tab provides access to a selection of podcasts, including NFL Network host Rich Eisen.

NFL iPhone app

The advertisements on this app get in the way, bordering both the top and bottom of content. Thankfully, it’s good content, so it’s worth navigating through the ads.

Free- App Store link

NFL Photobooth
Take your photo and put yourself in the action with your favorite teams and players. You can add helmets, jerseys and over 160 players. The app itself is free, with player add-ons additional. Individual players are $0.99, with all 160 players priced at $4.99. The top in-app purchase is Tom Brady, followed by Tim Tebow and Eli Manning picking up 3rd. We’re thinking there must be a statistical error in App Store accounting, with Tony Romo no where to be found in the top 10.

NFL Photobooth app for iPhone

Accessories are free, so get your hat on for Sunday. Once you finish your NFL masterpiece, the app allows you to share them on Facebook.

All in all, NFL Photobooth is cheaper than facepaint and easier to remove.

Free – App Store link

Pro Tweets
An interesting take on Twitter, Pro Tweets is an app in association with the NFL Players Association. It provides tweets from players around the National Football League. A quick glance at tweets today seem rather mundane, but this app should provide some interesting insight into the game from the perspective of uncensored NFL players.

NFL Pro Tweets

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials
If the game gets boring, then the commercials end up taking center stage. Relive commercials from previous years with over 200 commercials featured and even some from 2012. Let’s face it, quick access to that Volkswagen commercial alone might be worth the price of this app.

App Store: $1.99

You cannot have a proper football party without wings, so we’ve included Klucker in our Super Bowl iPhone Apps Roundup. This app will use your current location and allow you to find wings based upon distance, heat, atmosphere, value, service or variety. You can set up a free Klucker account and email friends with a time to devour some tasty wings. You can select from a variety of choices, with my favorite being “For some wings dope”. The app also lets you review and rate establishments.


The results were pretty spot on and it provided a good selection of restaurants that included chains, along with wing specific eateries.

Free – App Store

These are just a few of our favorite iPhone apps for the Super Bowl. Did we miss one? Have a favorite not mentioned or just want share a wicked wing recipe? Let us know in the comments.