Microsoft had a promising concept a while ago with their proposed Courier Tablet.  This tablet never made it to market – actually as a result of the iPad’s announcement. Microsoft killed the idea soon after.  However, app creator Benjamin Monnig had other plans.  He and his team used a popular idea/invention funding website named Kickstarter to gain necessary funding through individuals.  This site allows individuals and companies alike to “back” a product, service, creative idea, etc through pledging a dollar amount towards the project in return for some reward.  The initial goal was to raise a total of $10,000.  Taposé wound up with over 1200 backers and over $26,000 of pledges.  So what did they build and how well does it work? Read on to find out.

Taposé is a collaboration and organization app.  It stands out with it’s Juxtaposed (where Taposé derived its name), or side by side design style.  It allows you to divide your iPad’s screen in two using a vertical slider built into the app.  There are so many details and so much functionality built in that we won’t cover every nook and cranny in this review.  Instead, we will cover two major points of any app – Function and Purpose.

The main tools within the app exist either on the sliding bar, by holding on the bottom of the vertical bar and swiping upward to reveal a hidden horizontal navigation bar, or on a horizontal top navigation bar.  At any given time, you can make either the left or right screens Journals, Websites, Maps, Contacts, or a Calculator.  Here is where the magic happens.  The left and right side of the screens can interact with one another.  This means doing things such as dragging a contact on top of the map to show the location.  Or taking a picture or piece of a website and adding it to a Journal.  These are just a couple examples of the many ways the left and right sides can interact with one another.  When you launch the app for the first time, you can create an account for free  which comes with 400MB of storage.  All of your content is saved to the Cloud, which may be the most impactful and best selling point of the app.  There is an optional subscription service which will give you unlimited storage and will cost $29.99 per year.

The focus point of Taposé are the journals you create.  These journals will hold your notes, pictures, screenshots, videos, audio recordings, as well as journal specific content such as specific contacts, locations, etc.  All of the content is conjured through functionality examples such as those mentioned above.  There is even more functionality such as capturing a section of a left or right panel, or copying an image from a website to the app’s clipboard.  Any such items will display as a small thumbnail in the vertical bar that can be dragged into a journal.

Say it with me: collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.  Improving efficiency is always a good thing.  Whether at work or on personal projects, better collaboration means better efficiency and a broader channel for ideas to flow through.  Being able to create a Journal and instantly have it worked on virtually is one thing.  But we’ve all seen this with things like Google Documents.  Taposé actually does that and more.  Collaboration can be done in real-time across multiple platforms.  While I have not personally tried this feature yet, I can imagine how useful it could be.

I’m using a new iPad (3rd generation) but in general the performance should be the same on an iPad 2 – as the CPU is the same and this app will most likely not need beyond the 2 GPU both the iPad 2 and new iPad have. Unfortunately the app crashed multiple times on almost every use. Being that the main point of Taposé is to increase collaboration and therefore efficiency, crashes are very counter-productive.

It’s my hope that with an update (or 2) these issues will be addressed and usher in a positive outlook of the app. Contrary to the low ratings in the App Store, I believe Taposé is an exciting app with tons of potential.  If not for the crashing, it would be supremely useful even as is.  As is – I give the app a 7/10 obviously losing a couple points for crashing. With the crashing fixed this puppy shoots up to a 9/10.

Taposé retails for $2.99 and is available from the App Store now.