Tantrum Case Makes It Ok To Drive Over Your iPhone With A Dodge RAM Truck

A new Kickstarter project has been launched by Kurt Ludwigsen that is being billed as the indestructible iPhone case. As you can see in the promo video for the product, they put that claim to the test by driving a Dodge RAM truck over an iPhone 5. They’ve done some extensive testing that has included throwing it out of moving car.

tantrum iphone case

The Tantrum case has an aluminum frame, enabling it to withstand several thousand pounds of force. With stainless steel hardware, it also offers a high level of weather protection. The project founder says the case differs from others in that it relies on the case to provide support and not the device itself. When you remove an iPhone from a plastic case, you can often bend or twist the case. Not so with the Tantrum. All of the ports and jacks are accessible with the case on. When you’re done driving over your iPhone, you can use the built-in bottle opener to open the beer your friends owes you for being crazy enough to drive over your phone.

Manufactured in Texas, backers of $65 or more will receive a black Tantrum case. Expectations are for delivery in August, 2013. You can fund it at Kickstarter.

There is no warranty for your iPhone should you somehow destroy, nor is this author responsible.

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