Tales from the App Store: Airfoil Touch Speakers Returns To App Store

A few weeks back, Rogue Amoeba had their wildly popular iOS app Airfoil Touch Speakers pulled from the App Store with no clear answer as to why, leaving the developers in a bit of a lurch along with countless users of the app. The application is now once again available in the App Store, but sadly the app can no longer receive audio directly from other iOS devices or iTunes.

Airfoil Touch Speakers

After submitting an appeal to the App Review Board, they received an apology of sorts saying the entire process was “poorly handled”. Despite their handling, the developers were forced to revise the app, removing the feature which helped them gain such positive reviews. There was speculation that perhaps Rogue Amoeba developers had used private API’s, but that was not the case. In the end, Apple cited the following guideline for the reasoning behind the request to modify the app.

[Apps may be rejected…] “for any content or behavior [they] believe is over the line”.

Not sure what’s worse. The initial poor handling or citing the above guideline which might as well read, “We can remove apps for any reason, whatsoever.” Poor handling indeed.

Source: Rogue Amoeba

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