We have serious relationships with our trusted iPhones. They’re reliable, dependable, and they don’t talk back. Well, Siri does, but only when we want her to. When you’ve got a serious relationship with an actual human being, there are certain signals that let you know when it’s time to take the next step of dating formality.

One of these steps: syncing your iPhones.

Sync your iPhones

Now, we’re not relationship experts, so we can’t say when, but at some point in every serious relationship, there comes a time when syncing your iPhones will make the validity of your relationship official. Plus, it just makes sense. Instead of keeping track of one another’s crazy schedules and forgetting about date night, sync your iPhones and iPads so that you can stay in sync with one another.

Why should you do it?

Let’s face it: no one likes to argue. Unless, of course, you are a lawyer, in which case you get paid to argue. For those of us who don’t have trusty law degrees, it can be tough dealing with conflict. The same goes for relationships.

Couples fighting

The number one reason for disagreements in couples is finances. While that’s not really a huge shocker, it can open your eyes to the need to confront these issues before they even arise. You can use your Apple devices to track financial plans and budget reports, and by syncing this information, you can eliminate some of the quarrels that may arise from this controversial topic. And there will be no more excuses of ‘I forgot’! You can also snag one of these handy personal finance apps.

Some other reasons for relationship diffusion? Too much nagging, lack of physical attraction, desire to be independent. We’ve all been there. So, what’s the solution? Syncing your phones! You’ll be able to send one another friendly reminders to pick up milk on the way home or take the dog for a walk. And yes, we said friendly. In-person nagging is so ten years ago. Do it virtually (and ignore those reminders when you feel like it).

On to the next: desire to be independent. No one wants to feel suffocated in a relationship. Although stage 5 clingers may not be too keen on independence, the rest of us thrive on our individuality. Maintain that individuality by syncing your phones, so that you can co-exist without the suffocation.

Download some apps

There are tons of couple-oriented apps out on the marketplace. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one. Avocado is a cool one, and it’s made especially for couples. You can share to-do or honey-do lists (aka foot rub at 6pm), calendars (hello date nights!), and send each other pictures and messages (get your minds out of the gutters folks!).


Cozi is another app, and while it’s really aimed at families, couples can get just as much use out of it. In addition to shared schedules and to-do lists, you can create shopping lists for the grocery store. There is also a feature which allows you to create and share a blog-like ‘Family Journal’ complete with the ability to add pictures. Awwww. How cute.

Syncing your iPhones is quickly becoming the new Facebook ‘In a Relationship’ status. Is it time for you to take the next step in your relationship and follow suit?