How to sync iOS Notes with Gmail and Yahoo

Use Notes app iPhone

When you start using the Notes app in iOS, you'll find it to be an incredibly useful app. I personally use Notes for recipes, combinations I would typically forget and as a notepad for brainstorming ideas for the website. When on the go, using Siri to create notes is mobile computing at its very best. As you start to build out your collection of notes, it becomes important that you are backing up and transferring your notes to your computer. By default, setting up accounts will sync to their respective services. Here's how to setup and make sure you are syncing your iOS notes with Gmail or Yahoo. … [Read more...]

Yahoo Pitching To Become Default Search Engine on iPhone and iPad

Marissa Mayer

For years, Apple's Safari browser has used Google as the default search when users search on either their iPhone or iPad. Under Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is looking to make an agressive pitch to Apple to change the default mobile search in Safari from Google to Yahoo. According to re/code, Yahoo is looking to display advertising to boost earnings. With mobile search becoming increasingly important, landing the default position in iOS would be a big coup for Mayer and Yahoo. … [Read more...]

Yahoo Screen and PBS Channels Now Available On Apple TV

Apple TV Yahoo PBS

Although we didn't see any new Apple TV hardware at the last two events, Apple continues to beef up content, adding both Yahoo Screen and PBS channels. Both are available now to existing Apple TV customers and should auto-magically appear. Yahoo Screen, launched last month for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brings with it channels within their channel. … [Read more...]

Flickr iOS 7 App Will Auto Upload Images To 1TB Of Free Storage

Flickr iOS 7

Yahoo today pushed out a new iOS 7 update to their Flickr app that allows users to auto-upload images from their iOS device to 1 terabyte of storage offered all of their users. If you recall, back in May, Yahoo made news by removing the $50 price tag on Flickr Pro and offered all customers 1 TB of free storage. … [Read more...]

Yahoo Mail for iPhone, iPad Updated, Provides 1TB Free Storage, New Features

Yahoo Mail

Celebrating the sixteenth birthday of Yahoo Mail, the company has introduced a new mail experience for iOS, Android and on the desktop. The biggest feature introduced was 'Conversations', which will intelligently group emails into threads. Yahoo Mail now aims to make it easier to perform common tasks like search, starring and deleting. These have all become on-click actions, actionable when hovering over an email when using a desktop browser. … [Read more...]