AT&T Says Keep Your Unlimited Plans, Verizon Says No, As Carriers Compete For iPhone 5 Customers


We know the basics of what the different data and voice plans on each of the carriers will be for the iPhone 5, but today an awful lot of more granular questions are being answered.The big weight on a lot of people's minds relates to grandfathered unlimited data plans. The good news? AT&T has said that users can keep their unlimited data plans, so that continues to be grandfathered in, with the caveat that after 5GB, your speeds get throttled (and increase of the previous 3GB limit.)On the flip side, Verizon will not allow you to keep your unlimited plans unless you buy the phone off subsidy — that means dropping $649+ or your iPhone. If you want to keep the subsidy and pay $199 for the iPhone 5, you have to be on a share … [Read more...]