Google WiFi App In Testing, Will Automatically Log Into Starbucks and Public Hotspots

Starbucks free WiFi Google

The days of unlimited data are long gone, making it important for smartphone owners to use free WiFi where possible in an effort to limit overages and maximize data offered by their plans. There are a number of apps that help locate free hotspots, but they don't do much to help with the login process. According to Engadget, a new Google WiFi app is being tested for iOS and Android that will automatically log users into free public hotspots including those available at Starbucks. The search engine giant is testing the app at Google headquarters. … [Read more...]

Some Users Experiencing Grayed Out WiFi on iPhone 4S After iOS 7 Update

Grayed out WiFi

Upon upgrading to iOS 7, a significant number of iPhone 4S users have been experiencing WiFi settings that are grayed out. The grayed out WiFi removes the option to enable WiFi. Using Control Center, the toggle is present, but it won't actually enable WiFi. Apple has made recommendations on a possible fix, but for many, it doesn't appear to correct the problem. Probably the most bizarre part of the story is the workaround to get Wi-Fi working again on an iPhone 4s that includes either using a hair dryer or your freezer. … [Read more...]

Best Apps To Lose Weight On The iPhone

Best weight loss apps on iphone

The most popular resolution each New Year is to lose weight or get in shape. The App Store is filled with apps for weight loss, fitness and nutrition tracking. So which are among the best? Which will help you achieve your goals this year and beyond? Read on for the best apps to lose weight on the iPhone. We've also included some high tech iPhone accessories that are worthy of consideration as you begin your weight loss journey. … [Read more...]