Rumors of Apple Buying Waze Are Just That, It’s Not Happening


Yesterday we heard from TechCrunch "that there are rumours flying around that Apple is sniffing around Waze with a view to a possible acquisition." Everyone is looking for Apple to take action in some fashion to correct the Maps fiasco, so in some ways there was some plausibility to the idea of purchasing a company who has experienced success with their iOS map app. MG Siegler, also of TechCrunch, says there is no deal happening "at least not now or anytime soon". … [Read more...]

What are the best iPhone apps?

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What are the best apps? There’s an answer for that. The best apps out there are the ones you use. There is the end-all answer to that question. I know, not very helpful, but it’s the truth. Nothing like finding out about an app out there that seems cool, and you plunk down your hard earned cash, use it a couple times and then it goes on your “reserved” list. You know, where you keep it installed, “just in case” you ever need it, but you never use it again. I have 254+ apps in iTunes, 165 installed on my iPhone 4. I probably use about 10 of them on a regular basis. The rest… Well, they are there, “just in case”. … [Read more...]