AT&T Says Keep Your Unlimited Plans, Verizon Says No, As Carriers Compete For iPhone 5 Customers


We know the basics of what the different data and voice plans on each of the carriers will be for the iPhone 5, but today an awful lot of more granular questions are being answered.The big weight on a lot of people's minds relates to grandfathered unlimited data plans. The good news? AT&T has said that users can keep their unlimited data plans, so that continues to be grandfathered in, with the caveat that after 5GB, your speeds get throttled (and increase of the previous 3GB limit.)On the flip side, Verizon will not allow you to keep your unlimited plans unless you buy the phone off subsidy — that means dropping $649+ or your iPhone. If you want to keep the subsidy and pay $199 for the iPhone 5, you have to be on a share … [Read more...]

Is Verizon Trying To Bump Off Grandfathered Unlimited Data?

There's going to be a new iPhone at some point this year — most probably in October. That means a lot of us will be upgrading, and anyone with an old unlimited data plan will doubtless try and get it grandfathered onto the new device. Now BGR is reporting that Verizon is automatically kicking some people off their grandfathered plans, which is something that's not meant to happen. … [Read more...]

How to block SMS messages on iPhone

block sms messages iPhone

There is an increasing trend of telemarketers using any means possible in an attempt to offer low-rate credit cards, free cruise trips and other nonsense. For some it's looking for a way to lose contact with that crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. We’ve outlined how to block calls on iPhone in iOS 6 and blocking calls in iOS 7, but what about text messages. While the Messages app preferences don’t offer much in the way of preventing unwanted texts, there is hope depending upon your carrier. We traveled down the rabbit hole with all of the major carriers hoping to find out how to block SMS messages on iPhone. What we found was good and bad, so read on for the dirty details.Preventing Phone Spam When you receive an unsolicited text or … [Read more...]

Verizon To Charge $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon has announced that customers signing on to a new two-year contract with subsidized hardware will be forced to pay a $30 upgrade fee. So for those of you who got your iPhone 4 on Verizon and are looking to upgrade to whatever the next version of the iPhone is, you'll have to face an extra fee for that privilege. Here's the company's official statement: … [Read more...]

the show: 52 – “iPad New, New iPad 3 HD” iPad and iPhone Podcast

iPhone podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for The Show: 51 - "Faster Horse". You can subscribe to our show on iTunes, grab our RSS feed, listen now or download directly. We broadcast our iPad and iPhone podcast live each week. If you missed the live show, we hope you'll join us next week for live chat and more. Our next show will not be at our regularly scheduled time slot of Tuesdays at 7pm. Follow @everythingicafe on Twitter for updates on timing. If you'd like to be included on a future broadcast, please call 646-820-3431 and leave your name along with your question. If you'd like to provide us with feedback, we've set up a topic in our forums. … [Read more...]

Should I get a Verizon or AT&T iPad?

Verizon AT&T iPad

Apple's just announced the new iPad and you've determined that the added benefit of having Wi-Fi + 4G is worth the additional $129. Either will allow you to connect to the Internet, when your out of range of your Wi-Fi network. Should I get a Verizon or AT&T iPad is often the question often asked in our iPad forums. Let's take a look at the associated 4G plans available for the new iPad and find out which is better for you. … [Read more...]

Apple Announces The New iPad With Retina Display and 4G LTE


At today's iPad event, Tim Cook started by discussing how popular the iPad is, including shipping 15.4 million units in Q4. He said that Apple has talked to users, and found that they love it for emails, browsing, reading, and gaming. There are over 200,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad. … [Read more...]

Data Throttling Unlimited Users Makes No Difference


Back in September of last year AT&T started throttling the top 5% of users, and it since then the threshold of that mark seems to be eternally dropping, you have to ask how successful the whole concept is. The claimed purpose of this data throttling policy is to reduce the pressure on the network from heavy users, and "create a better service experience for all." But does it? The company Validas recently looked at the phone bills of 55,000 users, and showed that there's almost no usage difference between the top 5% of unlimited plans, and the top 5% of tiered plans. … [Read more...]

AT&T iPhone Users Are Sticking With Carrier

iPhone customers happy with AT&T

According to AllThingsD, AT&T iPhone users are sticking with the carrier, despite alternative carriers offering the iPhone including both Sprint and Verizon. AT&T's Glenn Lurie, President of emerging devices, says that the number of customers who have canceled service remains largely unchanged.“Churn has not moved at all,” said Lurie.There was a time when iPhone users, faced with no other options, would consistently clamor for the opportunity to jump carriers. Now that the iPhone is available on Verizon and Sprint, it seems that most have had a change of heart. Is it that AT&T's service has improved? Possibly, there are a number of reasons as to why they are seeing minimal churn. Most primary customers are receiving … [Read more...]